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Raise Hell: The Life And Times Of Molly Ivins Review

Director: Janice Engel Starring: Harold Cook, Rachel Maddow, Dan Rather, Molly Ivins Raise Hell: The Life And Times Of Molly Ivins is quite possibly one of the most important documentaries to have come out in 2019, and you might not have heard of it. Don’t worry, I didn’t either before being invited to a very special and exclusive screening of the movie and after having seen the film, I couldn’t help but think this documentary needs to be seen by as many people as possible. Why, you ask? Because Molly Ivins was one of the most brilliant, witty, scathing and important journalists of the 21st Century, and very few people outside of the United States, outside of Texas for that matter, knows her name. After watching Raise Hell, you’ll quickly find yourself Googling the journalist and looking for her books and articles just to get another hit of her incredible wit and pointed political commentary. The documentary, directed masterfully by veteran documentarian and filmmaker Janice Engel, is basically a biopic, but don’t let that put you off. Just because it’s...