Does The Last Jedi’s Behind the Scenes Video Show Finn Infiltrating The First Order’s Base?

Does The Last Jedi’s Behind the Scenes Video Show Finn Infiltrating The First Order’s Base?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s behind the scenes video just dropped (it’s awesome by the way), and in amongst all the Star Wars-y goodness there was a little tease of Finn and Kelly Marie Tran’s character seemingly infiltrating the First Order’s new base.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will undoubtedly be the movie of the year. Firstly, it’s a Star Wars movie, so naturally everybody wants to see it. Secondly, it looks bloody incredible, so naturally everybody will want to see it. Thirdly, on a very sad note, it’ll be the last time we’ll get to see Carrie Fisher play Leia, so naturally everybody will have to see it.

All we’ve had so far was a relatively short teaser trailer, yet Disney have just released a behind the scenes video, much like what they did for Rogue One, in which we hear and see cast members and director Rian Johnson talk about how epic this film will be, as well as some shot of what’s been going on onset. Check out The Last Jedi’s behind the scenes video in all its wonderful glory below.

Hidden within this almost three-minute-long video, was a shot of John Boyega and Star Wars newbie, Kelly Marie Tran, in what seems to be First Oder garb. Could this mean that Finn will have to infiltrate their new base in order to get some insider information for the Resistance? This is highly likely since there was a rumour circulating the Internet suggesting exactly this, and it even speculated that there might be some sort of romance between Finn and Tran’s character… Although, we all know that will never happen since Finn will only ever have eyes for Poe!

Finn Star Wars The Last Jedi

Here’s a screenshot of the scene in question.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi really does feel like this trilogy’s Empire Strikes Back, and judging by Johnson and Daisy Ridley’s comments, it’ll be something very different within the Star Wars cinematic universe. Mark Hamill, who previously admitted to not being overly keen on the script when he first read it, claimed that, “even though I think I know it all, they throw things at me story wise I never could have imagined.” Ridley said that The Last Jedi “feels like its own thing.”

Finally, Johnson himself said, “I’m hoping it’ll be a little shocking, but I’m hoping that it’ll feel real and honest.” Boy, doesn’t this just all sound a bit too good to be true. Whatever ends up happening, I know that I’ll be preordering my tickets the minute, no wait, the millisecond, they come online!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be in UK cinemas on December 14th.

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