Star Wars’ 2022 Movie Has A Director But It Won’t Be Rian Johnson

Star Wars 2022 movie Rian Johnson

So, what on Earth is happening with the upcoming Star Wars movies? Well, it sounds like there will be a film set in a galaxy far far away which will come out in 2022, but it won’t be Rian Johnson’s Star Wars trilogy.

We’ve seen so many articles written about Rian Johnson’s Star Wars trilogy. People have been claiming that it’s on, others have been saying that his films won’t see the light of day.

Now, it sounds like Johnson’s trilogy has been put on hold indefinitely since The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that there will be a Star Wars film hitting cinemas in 2022, but it won’t be directed or written by Rian Johnson.

According to the media outlet, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has a director in mind to helm this upcoming Star Wars film which is set to hit cinemas in December 2022.

Sounds like this Star Wars 2022 movie won’t have anything to do with Rian Johnson

Rian Johnson Star Wars Trilogy

Could Rian Johnson be told to fast-track his Star Wars Trilogy? – Credit: Lucasfilm

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However, this turn around is far too quick to have anything to do with Johnson’s Star Wars trilogy, so it’s safe to assume he won’t be having anything to do with this new Star Wars movie, which looks to be the start of a new trilogy set in the galaxy that George Lucas started all those years ago with Star Wars: A New Hope.

The Hollywood Reporter also suggested that an announcement about Star Wars’ future could come in January 2020, which would be after J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has opened.

It’s also not expected that Kevin Feige’s Star Wars film will occupy this 2022 release window, so it’s time to start guessing who this director and what this Star Wars movie might be.

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