Online Slot Games Based On Legendary Past And Present Popstars

Casinos and their most famous games- slots have evolved a lot in the passing decade. They started out as physical devices that were manually configured and became versatile programs that can be moulded to suit any theme and topic. Slot games advanced and became more popular by trying out themes, concepts, cultures, important personalities like pop stars. What has remained the same, though, throughout the years is the free spin bonuses. They have more or less adapted from the traditional machine and provide just as much excitement and rewards.

Interestingly enough, In some places in the world such as New Zealand, for example, the online pokies as they call online slots there, have overtaken the popularity of the traditional slot machines and have become the main version of the game.

Despite what you might expect, popstar and rockstar slots are not all that popular. In fact, there are only a handful of them still on the internet to date. However, what they lack in number, they more than makeup for with presentation, style, and player experience.

There is a nearly unquantifiable euphoria experienced by music lovers and fans who discovered or rediscovered their favourite musician. There might be more, but as of now, four major online slots dominate the music section of most online casino’s game category.

Jimi Hendrix

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This is hands down one of the best online slots games produced by NetEnt. The game has a unique sense of aesthetics. It has the background and images of Jimi Hendrix encased in a soft shade of lavender. The game has a very clear, appealing look, with a great soundtrack containing some of Jimi’s greatest tracks. It works just like every other NetEnt game, except it comes with music-themed alternatives to multipliers, free spin, etc. Instead, you get solo multipliers, encore with free spins, and a crowd pleaser bonus.

Guns and Roses

The Guns N’ Roses slot is another great music-themed slot from NetEnt. Like the Hendrix slot, it aims to recreate the Guns N’ Roses experience, and it succeeds in doing that with the gritty, fluid concert background and giant stage of blaring light with a soundtrack playing in the background. It has stunning visuals, modern graphics, and bonus features like a wheel, an appetite for destruction wild, a multiplier, and a legend bonus spin.


Unsurprisingly, Kiss is one of better pop, or rather rock star games online. The iconic Kiss gothic aesthetic, face painting, and atmospherics are evident from just a single look at the game. The name of the game is “Kiss: Shout Out Loud,” and its pictures of the members of the band doing just that. It was developed by WMS gaming, and it features two separate reels- which is quite unusual even among online slot games.  The combined reels offer players more than one hundred pay lines, and there are band related symbols and bonuses scattered about the entire game to give it even more character.


Elvis Online Slot Games

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It should come as no surprise to you that the legendary Elvis Presley has a casino slot game based on him. WMS Gaming created a slot game around the star, aptly named “Elvis the King Lives.” Though Elvis has been dead for decades, this game, through visuals, graphics, and music, attempts to resurrect him. There are a total of 11 reels and 80 pay lines. The game is packed full of Elvis symbols like the blue suede shoes, teddy bear, the guitar, a hound dog. Each symbol activates a bonus feature in the game. The wild symbol is Elvis himself, the vinyl are extra bonus symbols, and the Jude box is the free spin bonus.

A Repeating theme that we noted when searching for great popstar related slot was a preference for older and more accomplished artists. The younger stars that didn’t enjoy as much fame didn’t receive much attention from potential developers. Game developers instead chose to market to a larger, more mature consumer base. Much like free slot offers, wilds, and other bonuses baked into modern slots, the stars these slots were built around were chosen because of the people they would attract.

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