Understanding Regulated Online Gambling In The UK


Online gambling in the UK is regulated by the UK gambling commission. Read on to learn about the risks associated with online gambling and how the commission protects its players.

How Does the UK Gambling Commission Protect Players?


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One of the main ways that the UK protects players is through casino licenses. Licenses are issued to casinos that are compliant with the codes of practice produced by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). The UKGC regularly checks casinos to ensure they are conforming to the laws and regulations. In this way, the commission protects the British public by ensuring that players play at responsible establishments. 

In order to be licensed, online casinos must:

  • Offer games that are verifiably fair and open
  • Prevent vulnerable players and children from gambling
  • Keep out all forms of criminal activity
  • Promote Responsible Gambling
  • Ensure Compliance with Gambling Regulations and Codes of Social Responsibility

Online casinos must comply with the commission to achieve all this. 

Tools at Players’ Disposal to Fight Problematic Online Gambling


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Part of the work of the UKGC is to ensure that casinos provide players with tools that empower them to stop playing if they feel their behaviour is becoming compulsive. 

Accessible Data on Player History

Licensed casinos must ensure that players have full access to their playing history. This includes information on:

  • When they gambled
  • The amount of money they spent
  • What they gambled on

With this information, players can monitor any escalation in their spending and be able to act accordingly.

Self-Exclusion Program

Self-exclusion refers to when players have recognized that they need extra help to stop gambling and so choose to enter into a formal agreement that prevents them from gambling. 

Players can choose to get themselves banned from all online regulated gambling establishments for a period of 6 months, 2 years, or 5 years at a time.

Players can choose to self-exclude via a number of self-exclusion schemes. GAMSTOP allows players to self-exclude from online operators with one request. Gambling businesses are required to have their own self-exclusion arrangements in place should players wish to exclude from one business only.

In the UK, the GAMSTOP scheme is an important tool that the UKGC uses to protect players. GAMSTOP is the UK’s National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme. When a player registers on GAMSTOP, they are denied access to any and all online gambling services for an established period of time they agreed on.

Gambling blocking software


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Gambling blocking software, such as GamBan, allows players to block access to gambling websites.

By simply installing GamBan, players can instantly block themselves from tens of thousands of gambling websites and apps around the world. 

Licensed casinos should have information on GamBan, but you will also find more information on the UKGC website.

Product exclusions and account restrictions

It is also possible to block specific casino games using gambling blocking software. Licensed casinos should be able to provide more information on this.

Financial transaction blocks through your bank

Many banks allow you to block gambling payments from your account. Banks would be able to provide their customers with more information on this.

Recent Reform Of Gambling Laws


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The UK Gambling Commission has been given more powers, enabling it to combat black market operators through court orders and collaborate with internet service providers (ISPs) to remove and block illegal gambling sites.

  • A mandatory gambling operator levy that ensures operators contribute to funding treatment services and research, including NHS support. 
  • New stake limits for online slots games, ranging from £2 to £15 per spin, with additional measures to enhance protections for 18–24 year olds.
  • Frictionless player protection checks to shield individuals at risk of harm.
  • Rules regulating bonus offers, reviewing the use of free bets or spins to mitigate potential harm.
  • Closing loopholes to ensure that individuals under the age of 18 cannot gamble online.
  • Introduction of a new industry ombudsman to address disputes and rule on redress in cases where a customer experiences losses due to an operator’s failure in player protection duties.

Should Gambling Be Banned Completely?


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The current policy of the British government is to regulate gambling rather than outright ban it. Gambling has a strong cultural tradition in the UK. Advocates for regulation argue that adults should have the freedom to engage in legal and regulated gambling should they wish to do so. 

Regulation allows for the establishment of standards that protect consumers from unfair practices, fraud, and exploitation. It ensures that operators adhere to responsible gambling measures and provide a safe environment for players.

Furthermore, legalized and regulated gambling can contribute significant revenue to the government through taxes and licensing fees. This revenue can be directed toward public services, infrastructure, or addressing issues related to gambling addiction.

Another argument in favour of regulating online gambling is harm reduction. Regulation enables the implementation of harm reduction measures, such as age restrictions, self-exclusion programs, and limits on advertising to minimize the negative consequences of gambling.

Finally, regulation of online gambling has several economic benefits that cannot be discounted. A regulated gambling industry can create jobs, stimulate tourism, and contribute to economic growth. It provides opportunities for employment in casinos, hospitality, and related sectors.

A Case for Unrestricted Gambling

There are those who argue that gambling should be unrestricted and not blocked, and individuals should be allowed to make their own choices. There are several choices for unrestricted casinos not on GAMSTOP with fast payouts. Players are advised to choose casinos reviewed by experts to ensure they’re playing at a quality online casino.

The UKGC Is An Ever-Evolving Body


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Rules and regulations continue to evolve and develop as more tools and policies are developed and as our understanding of problematic gambling increases. The UKGC is at the forefront of protecting players by enforcing regulations. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the gambling industry, protecting consumers, and minimizing the social impact of gambling-related harm.

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