Henry Cavill Reportedly Cameoing In The Flash Movie


It’s being reported that Henry Cavill is going to be cameoing as Superman in the upcoming The Flash movie, which would be fantastic news.

However, I do have to make it clear that this is still a rumour at this point.

We haven’t been able to confirm these rumours as of writing this article.

That said, we were informed a few months back that Henry Cavill and Warner Bros Pictures were back in talks regarding the British actor return as Superman in the not-so-distant future.

This new rumour comes from a user on Twitter, but we did some digging to try and figure out whether there might be some truth to theses rumours.


According to a person called AJ on Twitter, a person who’s posted set photos from both The Flash and Black Widow has said that Henry Cavill filmed scenes for upcoming DC Comics movie.

They said: ” I won’t post IMDb, but we found the IMDB of the person who posted The Flash and Black widow set photos, who said Henry Superman was on set.”

The user then added: “Their IMDB confirms that they’re on Flash, worked on Black widow, no time to die, and other films.”

Is Henry Cavill really going to cameo in The Flash movie?

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It seems as though this person was part of the camera department on both Indiana Jones 5 and The Flash.

So, with this in mind, it seems as though this source might actually be the real deal.

Again, I do have to state that I was not able to confirm these new claims of a Henry Cavill Superman cameo.

However, it would be great to see him back in the cape.

Cavill has been very vocal about wanting to play the DC Comics Superhero again on the big screen.

What do you make of this new rumour?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Hunter Clarke

    “We haven’t been able to confirm these rumours as of writing this article.”

    “This new rumour comes from a user on Twitter”

    “According to a person called AJ on Twitter, a person who’s posted set photos…”

    Journalism in the 21st century, ladies and gentlemen.

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