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Donald Glover Had A Disappointing Meeting With Brad Pitt Over Mr & Mrs Smith Series


In an age where Hollywood reboots and remakes are as common as a rainy day in London, the announcement of a Mr & Mrs Smith series remake had fans perking up their ears in interest. With Donald Glover at the helm, expectations were high for a fresh take on the spy-action-comedy that once captivated audiences with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s electrifying chemistry. However, Glover’s attempt to seek guidance from one of the original stars did not go as planned, leading to a rather disappointing encounter (via Entertainment Tonight).

Donald Glover, known for his creativity and versatility, decided to reach out to Brad Pitt, hoping to glean some wisdom and perhaps a sprinkle of that Mr & Mrs Smith magic for his own version. What followed was a meeting that Glover might not have been expecting, but which, in true Hollywood fashion, ended up being a story worth telling in itself.

The Hopeful Outreach


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Glover’s approach to Pitt was driven by a desire to make the remake “as authentic as possible.” With a series that was already generating buzz and seemingly set to rival the 2005 original, Glover sought genuine tips from Pitt, hoping to tap into the essence of what made the original Mr & Mrs Smith so memorable. However, the outcome was less than fruitful, with Pitt “Pitt-ing his way out of it,” leaving Glover more or less empty-handed.

The Disappointing Encounter

During the premiere of the series at the Weylin Brooklyn Theatre in New York City, Glover shared the details of his interaction with Pitt. It appears that Pitt, with his characteristic charm, managed to dodge giving any substantial advice, opting instead for encouraging words that, while kind, were not the insights Glover was hoping for. “Brad was like, you know, he just Brad Pitt-ed his way out of it. I was like, ‘I just need some tips,’ and he just charmed his way out of it. He was like, ‘Oh, you’ll do great, kid.’ That kind of thing,” Glover recounted.

The Silver Lining


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Despite the lack of guidance from Pitt, Glover and his team forged ahead, creating a series that not only stands on its own but also promises to bring a new flavour to the Mr & Mrs Smith legacy. Glover, alongside co-star Maya Erskine, steps into the shoes of John and Jane Smith, bringing to life a version of the story that is “distinctly contemporary” and, according to early reviews, “more melancholy and minor-key than its logline may suggest.”

A Masterpiece in the Making

Glover’s Mr & Mrs Smith is described as feeling “more like Black Mirror than Mission: Impossible,” a testament to the unique vision and direction the remake has taken. Despite Glover’s initial disappointment, the series is receiving terrific reviews, indicating that maybe, just maybe, Pitt’s lack of tips was a blessing in disguise. Glover’s ambition to create a “good date show” seems to have been realized, with the series already resonating with audiences and critics alike.

The Final Verdict On This Donald Glover and Brad Pitt meeting


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In the end, Donald Glover’s journey with the Mr & Mrs Smith series highlights the unpredictable nature of creative endeavours and the importance of perseverance. While the meeting with Brad Pitt may not have gone as hoped, it’s a reminder that sometimes, the absence of advice can lead to an even greater determination to succeed.

As Glover’s series makes its mark, it’s clear that the spirit of Mr & Mrs Smith continues to evolve, proving that even the most disappointing meetings can lead to outcomes that are anything but. In the world of Hollywood, where the unexpected is the norm, Glover’s experience is a fascinating footnote in the ongoing story of remakes, reboots, and reinterpretations.

In a landscape filled with true crime, thrillers, and action-packed dramas, Glover’s Mr & Mrs Smith carves out its own niche, reminding us that creativity often thrives in the face of challenges. And as for Brad Pitt? Well, he remains as enigmatic and charming as ever, a Hollywood legend who, intentionally or not, played a part in the genesis of what could be the next big hit on our screens.

What do you make of this news? Are you upset to hear about this disappointing meeting between Donald Glover and Brad Pitt over the Mr & Mrs Smith reboot series? We’d love to hear from you.

Glover’s Mr & Mrs Smith series is available to stream on Prime Video right now.