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Daisy Ridley To Make $12.5 Million With New Star Wars Movie


In a galaxy not so far away, Daisy Ridley is set to earn a stellar $12.5 million for her role in the upcoming Star Wars: New Jedi Order. This news, first reported by Jeff Sneider over at The InSneider, marks a significant payday for the actress, who has become synonymous with the character of Rey since her debut in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. The new film, which has faced delays and script rewrites, is eagerly anticipated by fans worldwide.

Ridley’s return to the Star Wars universe in New Jedi Order is not just a financial triumph but also a testament to her impact on the franchise. Her portrayal of Rey has been a focal point of the new trilogy, resonating with audiences and critics alike. This latest development is a clear indication of Disney’s confidence in Ridley’s continued portrayal of the beloved character.

Daisy Ridley’s Star Wars Journey


Credit: Lucasfilm

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Rise to Stardom as Rey

Daisy Ridley’s journey as Rey in the Star Wars universe has been nothing short of meteoric. Her character’s evolution from a scavenger on Jakku to a powerful Jedi has been central to the narrative of the sequel trilogy, earning Ridley acclaim for her performance.

Impact on the Franchise

Ridley’s portrayal of Rey has been pivotal in redefining the Star Wars saga for a new generation. Her character’s journey has added depth and complexity to the universe, making her one of the most iconic figures in the franchise’s history.

New Jedi Order: The Upcoming Star Wars Film


Credit: Lucasfilm

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Anticipation and Delays

Star Wars: New Jedi Order has been surrounded by anticipation and speculation. Despite facing delays and script issues, the project is moving forward, with Ridley’s involvement being a significant draw for fans.

The Future of Rey’s Character

With Ridley’s return, fans are eager to see the continuation of Rey’s story. The character’s future in the Star Wars universe is a subject of much speculation, and New Jedi Order promises to add new chapters to her already rich narrative.

The Financial Aspects


Credit: Lucasfilm

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Ridley’s $12.5 Million Payday

Daisy Ridley’s reported $12.5 million paycheck for New Jedi Order reflects her importance to the franchise. It’s a significant increase from her earnings in the earlier films, highlighting her growing stature in Hollywood.

Disney’s Investment in Star Wars

Disney’s willingness to invest heavily in Ridley’s return underscores the studio’s commitment to the Star Wars franchise. It demonstrates the value placed on maintaining continuity and quality in one of cinema’s most beloved universes.

Final Thoughts on Daisy Ridley’s huge Star Wars payday


Credit: Lucasfilm

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Daisy Ridley’s $12.5 million deal for Star Wars: New Jedi Order is more than just a financial headline; it’s a recognition of her integral role in the Star Wars saga. As fans eagerly await the release of the new film, Ridley’s return as Rey is a beacon of excitement and anticipation.

The journey ahead for Ridley and the Star Wars universe is filled with promise and potential. With New Jedi Order, the saga is set to embark on a new adventure, one that will undoubtedly add to the rich tapestry of stories that have captivated audiences for decades. Daisy Ridley’s star, much like the galaxy she inhabits on screen, continues to shine brightly.

What do you make of this news? Are you still looking forward to watching Daisy Ridley’s upcoming Star Wars movie? Can you believe how much money she’ll be getting for it? We’d love to hear from you.

You can stream the other Star Wars movies that Ridley starred in right now on Disney Plus.