Box Office Update: Clifford: The Big Red Dog Dominates


The new film, Clifford: The Big Red Dog has been doing incredibly well at the box office in the United Kingdom.

In the US, Eternals from Disney and Marvel Studios took the top spot with an est $27.5m across the weekend. ($118m in the US/Canada – £87m).

This adds to the results of $22m in South Korea, France $12m, Mexico $9m and $14m in the UK.

In second place (a film which perhaps unexpectedly is receiving great reviews), Clifford: The Big Red Dog starring British comedian Jack Whitehall and took $16.4m. ($22m running total – £16m).

In third place, Legendary Pictures/Warner Brothers release, the sci-fi epic Dune took another $5.5m for a grand total of $93m (£69.9m) domestically.

In the UK the film currently sits on $18m (£13m) with a worldwide total of $337m (£251m) which seems to add credence to the announcement of the sequel Part 2 being filmed shortly.

Speaking of the UK, a similar state of affairs here as Eternals took the top spot once again as above, No Time To Die has now surpassed $700m (£521m) worldwide.

Clifford: The Big Red Dog Is The 5th ever film in the UK to smash £90m

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On Friday as the weekend, it began it successfully became only the 5th ever film to make over £90M ($120M) at the UK & Irish box office.

The film also debuted with $8.25m in Australia as it opened Friday, and its international total sits on $558m (£415m).

And this matches with where Bond’s international gross usually comes 80%.

The independent film of Princess Diana starring Kristen Stewart, Spencer, enters its second week of release in most territories.

In the UK the film vastly bombed and engaged a selective release strategy at a minute number (183) of sites and cinemas in its first week.

After the results of the past weekend £418k, STX look to have changed tact with a wide release, with many multiplex chains unexpectedly showing the film.

The dramatization had the second highest location average for any film outside of Eternals according to Comscore so let’s see what those final numbers look like.

Reports from cinemas are the film hasn’t been well received with audiences walking out in some circumstances so it’s certainly not the big hit we had hoped it would be.

We’ll have more of an update when the final figures come in early in the week.

Have you seen any of the films above?

What are your thoughts? Any surprises?

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