Squid Game Could Be Nominated For A Primetime Emmy


It’s been revealed that Netflix’s new hit show, Squid Game, could end up being nominated for a Primetime Emmy, which would be history in the making.

This news has been revealed by Variety in a recent article.

What they did was look at whether the show would be eligible for a Primetime Emmy or not.

Usually, shows that aren’t made in the US are not eligible to be nominated at the Emmys.

However, it seems as though Squid Game could qualify because technically the show was made by Netflix.

It was produced by a South Korean company, called Siren Pictures.

However, the show is also a Netflix production, which makes it eligible to be nominated at the Emmys.

Could Squid Game end up getting itself a Primetime Emmy nomination?

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Here’s what Variety wrote in their recent article on Squid Game’s eligibility to be nominated at the Emmys:

According to an Academy spokesperson, because Squid Game was produced under guidance from Netflix, which is an American company, and it was always intended to be distributed in the U.S., it can be entered in the Primetime Emmy race.

Interestingly enough, since the show was also produced internationally, it’s also eligible to enter the International Emmys.

However, it has to choose one or the other – it can’t be entered into both.

The Los Angeles-based TV Academy and the New York-based International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences have rules preventing Emmy double-dipping.

What do you make of this news?

have you watched Squid Game on Netflix?

If so, let us know if you think it deserves getting an Emmy nomination.

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