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Lucifer Season 5 Release Date Might Have Been Pushed Back

With the whole Coronavrius situation going on, it looks like Netflix might have been forced to push back the release date of Lucifer Season 5.

There are a lot of movies and TV shows being forced to push their release dates back.

Some films have ended up being put straight onto streaming platforms due to the pandemic.

I’ve now been told by an insider source at Netflix that they might be doing the same thing with Lucifer Season 5.

There had been rumours that Season 5 might land on Netflix in April 2020.

However, multiple outlets have now reported that the popular TV show won’t be coming to Netflix this coming April.

Netflix Life, for instance, revealed that the show is just not ready to be put out yet and we’re going to have to wait a little while longer.

Season 5 might have been delayed due to Coronavirus

Netflix Lucifer season 5 tom ellis release date

Tom Ellis has signed to star in Lucifer Season 6 – Credit: Netflix

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However, my source informed me that Lucifer Season 5’s release date has now been pushed back indefinitely due to the pandemic.

The source told me that production on Season 5 coming to a halt has put at least a three-month delay on the show’s release date.

They said that Lucifer Season 5 might not be ready for release until 2021.

However, this insider source could be telling me total nonsense. (This tip did kind of come out of nowhere).

This would be a huge wait for Season 5. I personally really hope the delay doesn’t end up being that long.

Now, I have since contacted Netflix directly for comment on what this insider source told me, yet they haven’t got back to me yet.

I will keep you updated as soon as I hear anything.

My hope is that this isn’t the case and that my source is wrong.

Lucifer Season 5 might be delayed until 2021

Lucifer (Tom Ellis) will have some interesting questions to answer in Season 5

Lucifer (Tom Ellis) will have some interesting questions to answer in Season 5 – Credit: Netflix

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I – like I am sure many of you – was really excited to see Lucifer Season 5 as soon as possible.

That said, it really is looking like we’re going to have to wait a while longer until Season is released.

The next season will be released in two parts.

There were rumours that the first part was already ready to go.

However, my source also told me that part one was still not ready yet.

They said that they were still reshooting certain scenes for it.

What do you make of this news?

Are you sad to hear that Lucifer Season 5’s release date might have been pushed back by Netflix due to the Coronavirus pandemic?

Let us know in the comments below.

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