Will Lucifer Season 5 See Lucifer And Maze Fall Out Again?

There are rumours that Lucifer Season 5 might see Lucifer and Maze fall out again after the demon finds out that Lucifer has gone to Hell without her.

Maze and Lucifer have a rather interesting relationship.

They both came to Earth from Hell together and they are the best of friends.

However, Lucifer hasn’t always treated Maze with the respect she deserves and has treated her more like a servant in the past rather than a friend.

That said, their relationship has developed over the course of four seasons.

They have fallen out in the past over how Lucifer treats her, and Maze has changed a lot since the first season.

She now had human friends and has even fallen in love with Eve.

Lucifer Season 5 might see Lucifer and Maze fall out again!


Lucifer and Maze might fall out again in Season 5 – Credit: Netflix

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However, there are now rumours that Maze and Lucifer could end up falling out again.

Then of Season 5 saw Lucifer go back to Hell, and some reddit users (via The Express Online) have theorised that she could be a pissed off about him going back without her.

Reddit user jrock2004 asked fellow fans: “I wonder if in season five will Maze be pissed that Lucifer went to hell without her?”

However, I don’t think Maze really wants to go back to Hell, and she’d be more likely to help bring him back to Earth than get pissed off with him.

As another fan put it: “Hard to say, she has seemed to adjust to Earth life making close friends with Linda and Chloe.”

What do you think of this Lucifer fan theory?

Do you think that Lucifer and Maze will fall out in Season 5?

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