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Lucifer Season 5 Episode 4 Spoilers: Tom Ellis Teases Time-Travel Plot

WARNING: There are potential SPOILERS for Lucifer Season 5 in this article.

We’re all pretty desperate to know when Netflix is going to release Lucifer Season 5, but in the meantime, the show’s star, Tom Ellis, may have been revealing potential spoilers for the upcoming season via his Instagram account.

The British star has been posting a few videos on his Instagram account of him and his fellow Lucifer stars on set, and one video stood out to us because it could involve potential spoilers for Lucifer Season 5 Episode 4.

In the video, Tom is holding an umbrella and dancing around on the set of Lucifer Season 5, which has been dressed up to look like a street from the 1920s.

Tom himself is all dressed up – as usual – but there’s definitely a 1920s kind of look to him in the video, with the style of suit he’s wearing and the hat, which just screams 20s America to me.

Will Lucifer Season 5 Episode 4 feature time-travel…?

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There’s also the fact that the video is shot in black and white, and the cars in the background are from the same era, so it all just fits.

He accompanied the video with the caption: “We had so much fun shooting episode 4 of #Luciferseason5 In between takes I found an umbrella and made this video with the ever imaginative @joshstyle sometimes I love my job. Other times I can’t believe it’s a job. #lucky #lucifer.”

This video, to me at least, is clearly spoiling the fact that Lucifer Season 5 Episode 4 will be a time-travel episode, which they haven’t done on the show so far.

They have had scenes which took place in the past, but never a time-travel episode, and I cannot wait to see this episode.

First of all, I love time-travel, and secondly, I feel that Tom actually really suits the 1920s.

Let’s wait and see what happens, but I’m pretty much positive that’s what they’re going to do.

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