Johnny Depp Out, Kate Moss & Walter Hamada To Testify During Amber Heard Trial


It’s being reported that Johnny Depp is no longer taking the stand this week for the Defense, instead Walter Hamada and Kate Moss are to testify at the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp defamation trial.

The more this trial goes on, the more convoluted it seems to get. It seems like Amber Heard’s team is just bringing everyone to the stand that believes her in a last ditch effort to not only save face, but to try really, really hard to win the case.

It looks like Heard not only committed perjury on the stand when she lied about her sister nearly being pushed down the stairs by Depp, but also seemed to have stolen a sexual assault story from former PA Kate James, which you can read about here.

Depp, however, will NOT be taking the stand as a witness for the Defense, which was an exclusive reported by Deadline on Sunday. Attorney Elaine Bredehoft has decided not to risk their position by putting Johnny Depp on the stand.

Will Johnny Depp Take The Stand Again?

Johnny Depp Out, Kate Moss & Walter Hamada To Testify During Amber Heard Trial

Credit: Reuters

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Johnny Depp may possibly take the stand during the rebuttal before closing arguments are made on May 27th. Judge Penny Azcarate wants the case done with so the jury can come to a decision about the case. There will also be a video deposition made by Walter Hamada on May 15th that will be heard in court, and possibly taking the stand virtually along with Kate Moss.

Amber Heard’s team brought Dr. Richard Moore, a hand surgeon, to the stand. Dr. Moore stated that he doesn’t believe, based on medical records but no personal examination of Johnny Depp, that Depp’s injured finger was not caused by a glass bottle.

Another doctor, Dr. David Spiegel, a psychiatrist who specializes in intimate partner violence, mentioned that Depp displays behaviours of those who suffer from substance use disorder and characteristics of committing intimate partner violence. Again, without examining Depp personally and just reading medical files.

The third witness called was Kathryn Arnold, an expert in the entertainment industry, mentions that because of the trial, Heard ending up losing nearly $50 million due to the suit. Arnold also mentioned that she doesn’t believe the article Heard wrote in 2018 had anything to do with Depp losing work.

Why Amber Heard Mentioning Kate Moss Last Week Was A Big Deal

Johnny Depp Out, Kate Moss & Walter Hamada To Testify During Amber Heard Trial

Credit: Reuters

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The trial still continues after these witnesses related their findings about Depp.

Previously, Kate Moss was brought up by Amber Heard herself while on the stand. If you have been following the trial closely you know that Johnny Depp, Depp’s team, and fans are all happy that Heard mentioned Kate moss on the stand.

The reason for this is because Depp’s team had Moss as a character witness, but was unable to bring her in because there was no relevance to the case.

Well, now there is.

And Moss is getting ready to take the stand virtually to answer questions about Depp, and may very well end rumours about their possible tumultuous relationship in 1994 until 1997.

Kate Moss had also always spoken fondly of Johnny Depp over the years when asked about their relationship. Though Moss had been very closed off about her private life and rumours, she has mentioned how much she still adores Depp, how he had always looked after her, and how broken up she had been for years after they split up. Moss and Depp remain super close, and Moss is willing to offer a live testimony in court.

This was not what Amber Heard’s defense team was hoping for.

What do you think will happen with the case? Do you believe Amber Heard’s side? Do you believe Johnny Depp? How do you feel about Bredehoft’s new witnesses?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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