Citadel Season 2: Potential Release Date, Plot, Cast & Everything You Need To Know


What’s going on with Citadel Season 2 on Prime Video…? If you’re a fan of high-octane drama and daring set pieces, then you’re probably already familiar with the global phenomenon that is Citadel. This spy-thriller, produced by the Russo Brothers, exploded onto Prime Video in April 2023 and quickly established itself as one of the year’s most memorable shows. With a budget of around $300 million, Citadel was dubbed the most expensive TV show of all time, but it proved to be worth every penny. Now, as we eagerly anticipate the release of Citadel Season 2, let’s delve into everything we know so far.

The first season of Citadel ended with a bang, leaving fans desperate for more. The good news is that a second season was greenlit even before the airing of its debut episode, and the world-beating franchise plans for the show include multiple spin-offs. However, fans may have to wait a little longer than expected for the release of Citadel Season 2. But fear not, as there is some fantastic Citadel content to keep us entertained until then.

Citadel Season 2 Release Date On Prime Video


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According to reports, Citadel Season 2 has been delayed until late 2024 or early 2025 due to the ongoing Hollywood writer’s strike. The series has no production start date as of yet but is expected to film in California instead of the U.K., where the first season was shot. This relocation is because of the $25 million in tax credits the Russos have received from the California Film Commission to move the production stateside.

Citadel Season 2 Trailer


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Given the aforementioned release date information, it is understandable that there is not yet a trailer for Citadel Season 2, and we may not get one for some time. Rest assured, we’ll update this section the moment we get footage of Season 2.

Citadel Season 2 Cast


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Fans will be hoping that some of their favourite characters that made season 1 such a hit will return, with the final episode of season 1 leaving much of that a likely possibility. This includes the likes of Stanley Tucci as Bernard Orlick, Ashleigh Cummings as Abby Conroy, Roland Møller as Davik Silje, Nikki Amuka-Bird as Grace, Moira Kelly as Joe, and Caoilinn Springall as Hendrix Conroy.

Of course, this is only a sample of the wonderful acting talent that may return to season 2, with the possibility of new characters joining the cast also worth getting excited about.

Citadel Season 2 Plot


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With it feeling like there was a world-shattering reveal around every corner in season 1, especially surrounding Mason’s true identity and that of his mother, the ramifications of his actions must be felt within season 2. With Dahlia (Lesley Manville) choosing to leave Citadel to put her efforts into Manticore, we learned the death of Mason’s father actually came at the hands of Citadel themselves.

This is considered an accident, but nothing is ever as it seems in Citadel, and Dahlia’s choice to leave may have had darker undertones.

Final Thoughts on Citadel Season 2

Citadel Season 2 Renewed By Prime Video

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Whatever the truth, these themes will strive strongly into season 2, with other questions surrounding the likes of Bernard’s fate, and Nadia and Mason’s relationship also likely to be answered. With so much still at stake, it is no wonder why fans are so excited for the next season to air. While we wait for Citadel Season 2, fans can look forward to the Italian and Indian spin-offs of the show. So, buckle up, Citadel fans, because it looks like we’re in for a thrilling ride!

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching Citadel Season 2 on Prime Video when it’s finally released? Do you think this second season is even ever going to happen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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