Bob Iger Liked Elon Musk’s Star Wars Meme


It was revealed that Bob Iger liked Elon Musk’s recent Star Wars meme he posted on Twitter, which is nice to hear.

I never thought I would ever say that I missed a CEO of a big company like Disney, but I do.

I miss Bob Iger.

Bob Iger was the CEO of Disney for quite some time and was in many ways the one who made the company the powerhouse it is today.

He presided over Disney’s acquisitions of Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and last, but certainly not least, 20th Century Fox.

Well, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Bob Iger recently reacted very positively to a tweet posted by SpaceX’s CEO, Elon Musk.

Bob Iger approves of Elon Musk’s Star Wars meme tweet

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Elon Musk posted a tweet with a meme of Stormtroopers playing with their Stormtrooper children.

In the meme, which you can see above, was the caption: “The side of Stormtroopers that the Rebels don’t want you to see”.

According to THR, Iger saw the post in his Twitter feed and expressed his praise. “Good one, Elon!” Iger replied.

This just makes me miss Iger even more because you can’t really imagine Chapek saying something like that.

He might want to sue Musk for using Star Wars imagery on his Twitter feed…

I actually wouldn’t put it past the guy.

What do you make of this news?

Did you like Elon Musk’s Star Wars meme tweet?

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