The New Justice League Trailer Shows Off More Of DC’s Heroes And Superman

The new Justice League trailer is here and it shows off a lot more action from DC Comics’ biggest superhero, as well as Henry Cavill’s Superman. Check out the trailer below.

Justice League is coming out in a just a few weeks time and people, including myself, are getting very exciting. Production problems and previous DC movies aside (except Wonder Woman), I can’t contain my excitement of seeing DC’s finest on-screen. It’s a pretty big moment in comic book movie history, although there seems to be much less hype around DC’s superhero team-up movie as there was for Marvel’s Avengers. That said, the latest Justice League trailer has just dropped and it shows off some more sumptuous action from our (or at least, my) favourite DC Comics superheroes, including Henry Cavill’s Superman. Check the Justice League trailer out below.

One man who’s been involved in both projects is Joss Whedon. Whedon took over directorial duties for Justice League after Zack Snyder stepped down due to a family tragedy, and he’s been overseeing post-production, yet has ended up filming a bunch of reshoots. Judging by the recent trailers one thing he’s done has been to make the action sequences a lot redder than they were before.

Whedon will also have a co-writing credit for Justice League, and it seems to me at least that he’s added a lot of quippy dialogue, especially for Ezra Miller’s Flash, who seems to be filling the role of the film’s comedic outlet. His Barry Allen feels like a much more ‘Whedon-esque’ character now. He was always meant to be a more lighthearted character, but it seems as though they’re leaning into his funnier, geekier side a lot more than originally intended.

We kind of also knew that Henry Cavill’s Superman will be returning, even though he was supposedly killed in Batman v Superman (spoilers by the way… Sorry). However, if the rumours are indeed correct, then Superman will return and will be sporting a slightly darker costume, which is leading people to speculate that we’re going to see an evil version of the character, at least for a bit in the movie. I personally like the idea of seeing a slightly unhinged Superman, and it would give Cavill a lot more to do with the character, who up until this point has been relatively uninteresting in the DCEU. That’s not Cavill’s fault, by the way, it’s more a writing problem.

What we do know for sure is that Steppenwolf is going to be the film’s primary antagonist and we’ll be seeing the Justice League having to take him and his army of Parademons on in order to save the world from total annihilation.

Justice League will be out in UK cinemas on November 17th. Are you, as their new tagline goes, “All in”? And what did you make of the new Justice League trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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