Marvel Studios Rumoured To Be Working On Making A Civil War 2 Movie

There are rumours that Marvel Studios is currently working on a Civil War 2 movie which sounds like fun to me.

This new rumour comes from Daniel Ritchman who posted about this on his Patreon page.

He’s claiming that Marvel Studios is thinking of making a Civil War 2 movie.

There has been a Civil War 2 comic and full disclosure, I haven’t read it yet.

I will get to it, but I haven’t really had the time to get to it, but I will!

Anyway, back to the rumour.

According to Ritchman, Marvel is thinking of adapting the comic book for the big screen.

The film would (again, according to Ritchman), require a lot of changes from the comic book, since the likes of Iron Man and Thanos are alive in the comic book.

There are also a whole load of other characters in the comic that haven’t debuted yet in the MCU.

Some of these characters include the likes fo X-Men and Inhumans, however, the X-Men will be brought into the MCU very soon.

Is Marvel Studios really working on a Civil War 2?

The Falcon and The Winter Solider in Captain America: Civil War

Credit: Marvel Studios

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As far as Civil War 2’s plot is concerned, it involves premonitions of an intergalactic invasion, the deaths of War Machine and She-Hulk, the destruction of the Inhumans’ homeworld and Bruce Banner’s murder at the hands of Hawkeye.

Miles Morales is also arrested for the precognitive killing of Steve Rogers (a.k.a. Captain America).

If they do end up making Civil War 2 for the big screen, there would have to make some serious changes to the plot.

What do you make of this news?

Would you like to see a Civil War 2 movie?

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