Does Zack Snyder’s Cut Of Justice League Need To Be Released? Here’s Why It Should

DC Comics fans have been demanding to see the fabled Justice League Snyder Cut, and I’ve been wondering whether it’s really necessary. Turns out, it is.

One of the biggest mysteries of recent times as far as comic book movies are concerned is what really happened with Justice League?

Why did Warner Bros. Pictures really bring in Joss Whedon to direct the movie after Snyder had already shot most of it?

Why did the movie look so different to the trailers and snippets of the film we’d seen before Justice League was released?

These are all questions we really deserve answers to, but we’ll probably never know what really happened.

However, there are rumours that Zack Snyder has his cut of Justice League ready to be released.

He’s even rumoured to be asking Ben Affleck to do reshoots for his cut of the movie.

Is Zack Snyder still trying to his his cut of Justice League made?

Zack Snyder Firmly Believes That Ben Affleck is the Best Batman Ever 1

Zack Snyder Firmly Believes That Ben Affleck is the Best Batman Ever – Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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So, as far as Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League is concerned, it sounds like it’s already kind of done.

YouTube scooper Grace Randolph (whom I do not always believe) said that the Justice League Snyder Cut is ready to go at HBO Max.

Here’s what she said about it during a recent Ask Me Anything video:

I’ve heard, again from my sources, that Snyder wants to shoot several new scenes that require VFX work. And of course, now they can’t do that [because of the coronavirus]… From what I’ve heard of what he wants to add, it will mean the difference between diehard fans having the satisfaction of finally seeing it versus piquing the interest of even the casual fans and naysayers. It’s that cool! He really has some cool ideas for what he wants to add to this.

This means that once HBO’s upcoming streaming platform is launched, it’ll have his version of Justice League on it.

I’m not so sure this will be the case. It would be a bit of a logistical nightmare to get the Snyder version of Justice League on HBO Max.

I’m not totally sure Warner Bros. Pictures is on-board as far as Snyder’s cut of the movie is concerned.

Would Justice League Snyder Cut be better than what we got?

zack snyder cut justice league willem dafoe

Willem Dafoe in Snyder’s cut of Justice League (Credit: Vero)

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However, the question I keep on asking myself about Snyder’s cut of Justice League is would it be any good.

Well, the short answer is no, probably not.

However, it would be much better than the movie we actually got.

The Joss Whedon movie is all over the place tonally, and that’s probably down to the fact that the movie was directed by two very different directors.

Snyder’s DC Comics world was very dark, pretty bleak and there was a certain charm to it.

Joss Whedon’s comic book movie work is very different.

Much brighter and much more light-hearted.

His Avengers movies are tonally very different to Snyder’s DC Comics movies.

That is totally fine. They’re different filmmakers with very contrasting styles.

However, bringing them together does not work, and I would rather see a movie in which one filmmaker was able to offer his unique vision.

Why did Zack Snyder leave the project?

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Ben Affleck and Zack Snyder working on Batman v Superman

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I think it’s very important for filmmakers to get to make the film they envisioned and they were hired to make.

That’s what I want to see the Snyder version of Justice League.

Whether you love or hate his previous DC Comics movies, it doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that he was hired to make a certain type of movie and never got to finish it.

The reason he and Warner Bros. Pictures gave for Snyder’s departure from the project was the death of his daughter.

They claimed he wanted to take a step back in order to spend time with his family after his daughter died.

“I’ve decided to take a step back from the movie to be with my family, be with my kids, who really need me,” he said at the time.

Will Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League ever be released?

Zack Snyder directing Henry Cavill in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Zack Snyder directing Henry Cavill in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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It was the right decision for Snyder to step back, however, Warner Bros. Pictures should have given him the time to finish his movie.

They should have postponed the film and given Snyder some personal time to be with his family.

Instead, they brought in Joss Whedon to ‘finish’ the movie, and instead he basically reshot the whole film.

This got many people wondering whether Snyder was actually removed from the picture, which might have very well been the case.

Whatever ends up happening, I do hope that we get to see Snyder’s cut of Justice League.

It would be a bit of Hollywood history and it would also be interesting to see what his vision would have looked like.

What do you make of this article?

Do you think that we should be allowed to see the Snyder Cut of Justice League?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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