MCU’s Blade Movie Will Reportedly Start Filming In November


Marvel fans, rejoice! The long-awaited Blade movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is reportedly set to begin filming this November. This thrilling news comes from World of Reel, indicating that the daywalker is finally ready to make his return to the big screen. Starring the incredibly talented Mahershala Ali, the Blade MCU movie promises to be a dark and exhilarating addition to Marvel’s ever-expanding roster of films.

As a fan who has been eagerly awaiting updates on this project, the announcement of a filming start date is music to my ears. Mahershala Ali, an Academy Award-winning actor known for his roles in Moonlight and Green Book, was announced as the new Blade back at San Diego Comic-Con in 2019. Since then, fans have been on the edge of their seats, waiting for any scrap of information about the film. With production finally about to kick off, it feels like the perfect time to dive into what we know so far about this highly anticipated Marvel movie.

The Legacy of Blade


Credit: Marvel Studios

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Blade holds a special place in the hearts of many Marvel fans. The original film, released in 1998 and starring Wesley Snipes, was a groundbreaking hit that paved the way for the modern era of superhero movies. With its unique blend of horror, action, and a charismatic lead performance, Blade proved that comic book adaptations could be both commercially successful and critically acclaimed. It was a precursor to the MCU we know and love today, and its influence is still felt throughout the genre.

The new Blade movie aims to honour this legacy while bringing a fresh take to the character. Mahershala Ali’s casting was met with widespread approval, and his involvement promises a nuanced and powerful portrayal of the half-vampire, half-human vampire hunter. Ali’s gravitas and intensity are perfect for the role, and fans are eager to see how he will bring this iconic character to life.

What We Know About the Plot


Credit: Marvel Studios

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Details about the plot of the new Blade movie are still under wraps, but there are plenty of intriguing possibilities. In the comics, Blade, born Eric Brooks, is a dhampir, possessing all the strengths of vampires but none of their weaknesses, except for the thirst for blood. He dedicates his life to hunting vampires and protecting humanity from their predation.

Given the MCU’s penchant for interconnected storytelling, it’s possible that Blade’s adventures will tie into the broader narrative of the Marvel Universe. With the recent introduction of supernatural elements in shows like WandaVision and Loki, as well as the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Blade’s world of vampires and dark magic could seamlessly integrate into the MCU’s evolving tapestry.

The Importance of Mahershala Ali


Credit: Marvel

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Mahershala Ali’s involvement in the Blade movie is a significant coup for Marvel Studios. Ali is not only an outstanding actor but also a passionate fan of the character. His enthusiasm for the role, combined with his impressive acting chops, suggests that we are in for something truly special. Ali’s ability to convey both strength and vulnerability will add depth to Blade, making him a compelling and multifaceted hero.

Moreover, Ali’s portrayal of Blade marks an important step forward in terms of representation within the MCU. As one of the few black superheroes leading a major film, Blade’s return is a milestone that celebrates diversity and inclusion in the superhero genre. Ali’s casting is a testament to Marvel’s commitment to bringing a wide array of voices and perspectives to its stories.

The Creative Team Behind the Film


Credit: Marvel Studios

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The movie has gone through several iterations in its journey to the screen, but it seems to have finally found its footing. The film is set to be directed by Yann Demange, known for his work on ’71 and White Boy Rick. Demange’s background in intense, gritty storytelling makes him a perfect fit for the dark and violent world of Blade. His ability to create tension and deliver impactful action sequences will be crucial in bringing Blade’s brutal battles to life.

The screenplay is penned by Stacy Osei-Kuffour, an acclaimed writer known for her work on Watchmen and Hunters. Osei-Kuffour’s experience with complex, character-driven narratives is sure to enrich Blade’s story, adding layers of intrigue and emotion to the vampire hunter’s journey.

Final Thoughts on the upcoming movie


Credit: 20th Century Studios

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The news that this upcoming MCU movie will begin filming in November is a thrilling development for Marvel fans. With Mahershala Ali leading the charge, supported by a talented creative team, the Blade MCU movie has all the makings of a standout addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As production gears up, anticipation is sure to reach fever pitch, and I, for one, can’t wait to see what this new chapter holds.

Blade’s return to the big screen is not just a revival of a beloved character but a bold step forward in the MCU’s exploration of darker, more supernatural themes. With its unique blend of horror, action, and superhero elements, Blade promises to deliver a cinematic experience that is both thrilling and thought-provoking. So, sharpen your stakes and get ready for a night of vampire hunting – the daywalker is back, and he’s ready to take on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.