Could Dwayne Johnson Be Black Adam’s Biggest Problem?


Looking at the length of time Black Adam has been in developmental hell for almost two decades for the most part only one man has been linked, Dwayne Johnson.

However, he can be either the films biggest strength or its biggest weakness.

The Strengths Of Having Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam

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Dwayne Johnson obviously cares and desires to see this role made a reality.

It’s his production company that has taken the reigns and pushed the release forward with DC and Warner Bros. Pictures.

Originally back in the early 2000’s Johnson was tipped to play Captain Marvel but soon convinced others to his preferred role as the anti-villain Black Adam.

His box office record speaks for itself, after an initial rocky (pardon the pun) start in the early 2000’s he’s since become a bonafide blockbuster draw.

Perhaps should be mentioned in the same breath as Tom Cruise and Will Smith in terms of star power both domestically and across the globe.

Recent films, Jungle Cruise ($117m US, $207m total), Jumanji: The Next Level ($316m US, $798m total), Hobbs and Shaw ($173m US, $586m total), Rampage ($101m US, $326m total) have proven he can walk and talk the talk.

This box office power can only help with a new character entering the DC cinematic universe & arguably knowing Johnson, he’ll want to be as big if not a bigger success than Batman.

And what are the Weaknesses?


Credit: DC Films

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Perhaps what has allowed Johnson the most success of recent times at the box office, is fans know exactly what they are going to get.

To be critical, he hardly ever plays a different character other than what seems to be a more hyped-up version of himself, similar to the character in his wrestling background, The Rock.

The Rock’s career path has been hugely successful sticking to what he knows and playing that character.

However, he’s flexed his acting chops on more than one occasion in the past to critical acclaim, for instance in Be Cool, back in 2003.

A man who is pretty much indestructible as it is in a string of blockbusters, will audiences queue up at the box office to see more of the same in a comic book movie?

For Black Adam, Johnson needs to give us something different…

An actual character and depth in performance to help audiences distinguish between the Actor they’ve seen before, and this new entry into the DC Universe.

Black Adam will be similar to the Dark Knight?

Recently a producer on the movie, Harim Garcia stated that we can expect something edgy, pushing the edges more similar to The Dark Knight.

Such a statement is highly dangerous but if they can match anywhere near 50% of the performances within what has been deemed one of if not the greatest superhero film of all time, it’ll be a winner.

But can Johnson show us a persona in the same way Christian Bale or the late Heath Ledger managed to do as Bruce Wayne/Batman and The Joker respectively?

We’ll have to wait and see.

What do you think? Will Dwayne Johnson give us a great film?

Or will we get more of the same?

Will you be watching Black Adam? Let us know the comments, if not why not? We’d love to hear from you.


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