Josh Trank Shares His Final Thoughts On Fantastic Four And Then Quits Social Media

Josh Trank, who directed the 2015 Fantastic Four movie for Fox, has shared his final words on the movie and then proceeded to quit social media.

The whole 2015 Fantastic Four movie saga is actually a really interesting one.

There have been plenty of videos and column inches devoted to what happened behind the scenes on that movie.

However, we have still yet to hear the full story from the likes of Josh Trank or anyone involved with the project.

It was reported that Trank was a nightmare to work with on set and that there was a lot of studio interference.

I’ve even heard that Trank didn’t finish the movie and that producer Simon Kinberg had to take over directorial duties.

Trank then went on to lose his Star Wars directorial gig – he was supposed to make a Boba Fett Star Wars spin-off.

So, yeah, a lot happened and Josh Trank has been talking a bit about the Fantastic Four movie.

He posted his review of the movie on Letterboxd and has now given us his final thoughts on the film and the fans before quitting social media.

Josh Trank has shared his final thoughts on Fantastic Four before quitting social media

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Josh Trank has since deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts after a heated exchange with fans about his 2015 Fantastic Four movie.

Trank took to Twitter with what he called his “final word” on Fantastic Four.

He revealed a band he’d planned to include in his cut and promised a “dope drop.”

Things then started to escalate as Trank hit back a critics and even claimed he was harassed off social media.

He then took to Instagram where he threatened to knock someone “the f**k out.”

You can no longer find Trank’s messages on social media since he’s deleted all his accounts.

What do you make of this news?

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