The Films You Should Want To Watch In 2021 – Part 2

We began our look ahead to the films coming out in 2021 that you should watch in Part 1, which you can read here. Make sure you read that before pressing ahead with our continued look ahead.

Top Gun Maverick


Credit: Paramount Pictures

In 1986, the world’s greatest film was released (well to some of us). Top Gun.  A range of quotes and nicknames (Maverick, Iceman, Danger Zone, Need For Speed) entered pop culture.

Kenny Loggins Danger Zone, and Playing with the Boys became soundtrack huge hits, and the film also acted as a glorified advert for the US Air Force. The film cemented Tom Cruise as a blockbuster star, and so many audiences over the years wondered what would happen if a sequel got made. 

As the years went on that seemed impossible, improbable, quite frankly ridiculous.  But in 2010 the development began, rumours circulated and here in 2021, we’ll finally get to see a sequel, over 35 years later. 

Cruise returns as Maverick Mitchell and the never ageing Jennifer Connelly stars opposite as Penny Benjamin.  Knowing Tom Cruise and his love for stunts and creating something magical for audiences, we just know the scenes in this film will be insane come Summer 2021.



Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Despite the HBO Max deal from Warner Brothers for 2021, I can’t think of any film more fitting for the big screen than Dune. It’s certainly not designed intentionally for a smaller screen, or a smaller sound system. 

With an ensemble cast from Timothy Chalamet, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin & Dave Bautista it’s locked and loaded to be epic. Director Denis Villeneuve brought us spectacles such as Prisoners, Sicario and the breath-taking Arrival guaranteeing something special.

His release of Blade Runner 2049 was highly revered upon release and fantastically crafted an amazing world to watch. The only problem Dune has is appealing to a wider audience to recoup enough box office against budget, and with its current trailer, it’s still likely to struggle. (Famous last words).

But if there’s a sci-fi spectacle to watch on the big screen in 2021, it’s Dune.

Mission: Impossible 7

mission-impossible-fallout action movies

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Hitting the news for the wrong reasons earlier this month… (Tom Cruise anger at COVID rule breakers) this film has been in production during the pandemic. Tom Cruise takes great pride not only in the production but also the delivery of a bonafide blockbuster and with an eighth film already in development, there’s nothing stopping the MI ride.

With new cast member Hayley Atwell and another return for series heavyweight Ving Rhames, this is sure to be a mouth-watering blockbuster to escape to next year. We can already guarantee stunts, something no normal man would do, humour and lots and lots of action.

Spider-Man 3

spider-man-homecoming tom holland star wars

Credit: Marvel Studios

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With all the news coming out of this release over the past few weeks (many of which have been exclusive to Small Screen) admittedly I’m excited most for this. Tobey Maguire has been long rumoured to joining the production in a throwback to being the original Spider-Man (of recent times) from 2002.

CBR reports Sony is waiting for him to sign on the dotted line before releasing any sort of teaser/trailer so they can display the ‘Money Shot’. Director Sam Rami broke the mould in 2002 with Spider-Man. It was the first instalment of a trilogy and it became the highest-grossing Super Hero film at the time.

Reviewers praised not only the film but the cast’s performance and it certainly redefined the genre and set the path for the future release and success of Marvel films over the next two decades. Rumours have continued throughout December, some of which include, The Amazing Spider-Man (remember that series?) Andrew Garfield returning, Kirsten Dunst (from the Rami Spiderman trilogy).

Along with Benedict Cumberbatch coming back as Doctor Strange this cast is getting gigantic!  And come December 2021, this will smash box office records out the park.

Special Mentions of films coming out in 2021 you should watch

Raya And The Last Dragon Trailer 1

Credit: Disney

Raya The Last Dragon (Spring 2021)

Morbius (Spring 2021)

Venom: Let There Be Carnage (Summer 2021)

Jungle Cruise (Summer 2021)

Godzilla vs Kong (Summer 2021)

Minions Rise of Gru (Summer 2021)

Resident Evil Reboot (Autumn 2021)

Death On The Nile (Autumn 2021)

What is your film for 2021? Have we missed off your number one choice? Let us know below in the comments!

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