People Are Getting Permanently Banned From Twitter With No Explanation (I Am One Of Them)


It seems as though Twitter has started banning people from their social media platform without giving them a valid reason as to why they took that decision. More and more people are reporting the same problem and the company hasn’t really addressed this issue.

I am one of those people who’ve been “permanently suspended” from the social media platform and who’s been offered no valid explanation as to why I no longer have full access to my account.

I’ve been a Twitter user for quite some time now. I used to love the app because it was a place where I could write about the things I love (movies, TV shows, video games…), and end up chatting with likeminded people and also had some interesting debates on films, series, games… pop culture in general.

As a pop culture journalist, Twitter actually became pretty important for me professionally. I used to work for The Express, Digital Spy, The Daily Mirror, to name but a few of the many UK-based outlets I’ve written for over the years, and Twitter was a good way to get my work out there in the open and seen by more people.

Twitter has changed a lot over the years


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Twitter had an important part in my and Small Screen’s professional development. However, the platform has changed a lot over the years, and it’s become a very tricky place to spend too much time on these days.

It seems to be a place now where people just insult one another, and people love to bang on about “freedom of speech” on the platform, but I think people forget that a person’s freedom ends where another person’s freedom begins. In other words, we don’t have to be horrible to one another just because we disagree on things, but that’s all that the social media app is these days.

It all just got worse when the company was bought for a ridiculous sum of money by billionaire Elon Musk. Elon seems to see himself as the real-life Tony Stark, and I think that he ended up buying Twitter because he thought he could be seen as the saviour of social media. Maybe he has something of a ‘superhero complex”? Who knows.

Well, he discovered that it’s not so easy to run a social media platform like Twitter. It’s actually proven to be impossible for him. He started out by firing almost everybody. Oh, and he made some dad joke using a sink as a prop…

Elon made a lot of statements at the time about wanting to re-establish freedom of speech on the platform, and it seemed as though most of that was in relation to the fact that Twitter had banned former President, Donald Trump from the platform for reasons that I won’t go into here.

Well, since Musk took over the company, Trump has his Twitter account back (as does Andrew Tate, by the way), and there have now been multiple reports of people logging into their personal and professional Twitter accounts only to find that they have been “permanently suspended” from the social media platform.

“You broke the Twitter rules!” OK, but tell me how…


Credit: Twitter

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This happened to me, and I’ve found a number of people online that have had the same issue, and nothing has been done about it. Upon logging into the social media app, you’re greeted with a message that reads as follows:

After careful review, we determined your account broke the Twitter Rules. Your account is permanently in read-only mode, which means you can’t Tweet, Retweet, or Like content. You won’t be able to create new accounts. If you think we got this wrong, you can submit an appeal.

You can see that there are links to their ‘Twitter Rules’ page and also a link to a page where you can ‘submit an appeal’. Well, the first thing I did when reading that message was, “Wow, Jordan Peterson and I now have something in common!”

However, my first reaction wasn’t to make a video in which I whined about being banned from the platform. The first thing I did was read the rules and then submitted an appeal. However, five days on, I haven’t heard anything back.

I then went through my Twitter timeline to see if I had said anything that could have broken Twitter’s rules. That was quite tricky because I’ve been on the platform for a long time and have posted over 2,000 tweets.

But, I couldn’t find anything. I’m not someone who posts very controversial things on Twitter, and I’ve never had a spat with anyone on the platform. So, I then did some research to find out whether this was a bigger problem, and lo and behold, it’s actually quite a big problem.

A lot of people have been “permanently suspended” from Twitter for no reason

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There are many people who, over the past few months, have had the same issue with the social media platform and still don’t have access to their Twitter accounts. There’s a YouTube called SidsTips who’s been documenting this issue.

His Twitter account, like mine, had been permanently suspended. The profile is still there, as is mine. However, he is unable to Tweet and like tweets. He also has a followers count of 0 and is following 0 people.

Some of SipsTips’ commenters reported that the same thing had happened to them, and they had no idea why Twitter had suspended their account. I’ve now appealed twice and I still haven’t been contacted by Twitter.

All these reports are very similar, and they’ve all claimed that they received no email from Twitter before the suspension. That was the same thing that happened to me.

Twitter did say that users can now appeal these suspensions. This started happening on February 1st. However, nothing has really changed as of yet. This news was first revealed by Reuters.

The report claimed that Twitter users will now be able to appeal account suspensions and be, “evaluated under the social media platform’s new criteria for reinstatement, starting Feb. 1st”. This announcement was made by Twitter on Friday, 27th of January.

Did Musk fire too many people when he took over…?

Twitter Wants To Sue Elon Musk 3

Credit: Tesla

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The report added that “accounts will only be suspended for severe or ongoing and repeat violations of the platform’s policies”. Reuters’ report added that “severe policy violations include engaging in illegal content or activity, inciting or threatening violence or harm, and engaging in targeted harassment of other users, among others.”

This all came after Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, came under fire for suspending the accounts of several journalists over a controversy on publishing public data about the billionaire’s plane. Musk later reinstated the accounts. (So much for “free speech”…)

Anyway, we’re still waiting to see what ends up happening, and I do wonder whether all of this is an algorithm/A.I. issue at Twitter. Musk also fired a lot of people when taking over the company. He might have also got rid of a bulk of the staff that was handling the social media platform’s suspensions.

That’s just speculation on my part, but it would make a lot of sense.

What do you make of all of this? Have you been unexpectedly permanently suspended from the social media platform for no apparent reason? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. ANYA

    I have been on twitter since 2009 and was blindsided when I got randomly suspended at 2am ET on Friday, February 3 for no reason. I did not violate any twtter rules! I’ve filed at least 5 appeals since then, and all I’ve received was a form letter email saying it owuld take 5 – 7 days to review my case. It’s been 11 days and I’ve heard NOTHING. My friends & followers have launched a #ReinstateA4NY14 campaign on twitter but still NOTHING. Usually, in this country (USA), when someone accuses you of wrongdoing, you are at least given the courtesy of being told what you’re accused of so that you might defend yourself. But that’s not happening here. And I know for 100% certain that I did NOT violate ANY of twitter’s rules or policies. I am completely baffled and just want my twitter account restored, with all of my 10,782 followers back as well.

    • Gemma

      Hello. I got banned too and still have no idea why. I don’t mind not being on twitter but I’m visiting USA next month from UK and keep thinking will I not be allowed in now I’ve been banned on twitter. it’s caused my so much anxiety I wish I never made an account now

  2. Swagpuss

    Hey I’m the same I got perma banned without warning and I’ve made two subsequent accounts which are shadowbamned. I’m mostly a member, try to avoid the offensive except in passing satire or parody, but it seems like I’m mega shadowbanned for some reason! I just would like to know where people will congregate after because I miss the twitter folks and their rants/sh*tposts and all sorts, and I cannot stand reddit

  3. kim hart

    Just happened to me to, I’m decidedly innocuous and have been using twitter for years with no problem. This is just heartbreaking and it seems like there is abdolutely no recourse

  4. Al

    I have been banned, which is ridiculous since I barely use Twitter despite having an account for years. I received an email on 31 January saying I had broken the rules ‘on platform manipulation and spam’. That’s absurd. I wouldn’t know how. It’s distressing as I am an author who would like to reveal something in the public interest. I have appealed four times now and just get an email receipt but no explanation or restoration of my account. I can’t start a new one under another email address. I hope they get this together soon. I hate being locked out of Twitter.

  5. WillTheLion

    Twitter randomly banned me for no reason today. I’m absolutely certain that I haven’t broken any rules. It says it’s a permanent ban for breaking the rules, and yet I have not received any communication as to what I could possibly have done. I appealed it and all I got was a ‘promise’ to have a response back within 5-7 days. But based on other responses here that’s not likely to work.

    This is ridiculous.

  6. Nat

    I got the perma ban message too, and I only use my account to follow people, I’ve never ever Tweeted! Annoying as I’m on Twitter purely to advance my cyber career, and now I can’t contribute by liking posts, commenting etc anymore. Mine’s been banned since Jan, submitted an appeal and nothing whatsoever from Twitter in response.

  7. Matt

    I’ve been banned back in December, over 3 months ago. In my case, my account has actually been hacked and used to send hundreds of fake messages. My blame, I’ve changed the password now, I don’t think this is something new to twitter but I can’t get my account back anyway. Over three months and at least 10 emails to support later, my account is still permanently suspended.

  8. Kari

    I have also been permanently suspended which is ridiculous, I have only ever done three tweets over the 9 years I have been on Twitter. I just use it to follow people and to like comments. Twitter has my e mail address and my telephone number so “they/it” can check easily my details, I have made numerous appeals but just get the standard “Thanks for your report. It looks like this is connected with your original case #———–, so we’ve added it to that first report.” nothing gets a response, its very frustrating.

  9. Bigwillforreal

    I’m banned too, I don’t know why though. I do have political discussions sometimes. I like and retweet news stories, very basic stuff. I’ve never put any harassing, violent, or sexual. It’s messed up because there are a lot of people that I would talk to regularly about news and current events. I guess this is what it’s like when a billionaire takes over. Link to my banned account:


    Got permanently suspended mid-Feb, no warning, no explanation. I definitely did NOT break any rules. Appeal after appeal after appeal just gets the automated response. Then I reply and reply and reply and get nothing. So unfair and depressing! I even sent a reply asking, “Is there any live person there? If so, please respond!” I guess they are all gone. Just Elon and his AI robots running Twitter. Still waiting.

  11. Dave Tivo

    Same here. Just logged onto my account to check Microsoft issues and got the message that I’ve been banned. I’ve never tweeted anything on this account, I’ve not followed anyone. I’ve had zero communication from Twitter to say why.. to be honest.. i’m not bothered. Other more important things in life to worry about.. Good luck Elon..

  12. Stephen Keating

    Same I got suspended on the 16th of February. Annoyed as I was on the platform for 11 years. My tweets were harmless and certainly never abusive. Annoyed that I have never been told why? I enjoyed the friends and community I had built up. I have also appealed twice but still heard nothing back. I am guessing the longer time passes the less likely I will get my account back. At some stage Twitter must start permanently deleting everything. I agree with the article. It is crazy but maybe Elon has broken to many things with his dismissals.

  13. Thomas

    I was banned Feb 9th. Like most people commenting here. I very rarely use Twitter. The last time I logged in was to reset my password and made no tweets. Today, March 9th, I finally got a response at 3am: Upon further review, my account will remain permanently banned. Well, it looks like none of us have any hope. Elon’s policy of “free speech” is looking mighty hypocritical now.

  14. Kerrie

    Hi! This happened to me and I barely use Twitter. The only thing I posted was a complaint to subway to request help bc a shop charged me for an order but it was closed—so no food, but they still charged. I didn’t think this was a threat, but a request for assistance to help get help. I thought this was what social media could be used for—to get support for the best way others may have dealt a similar situation. I got banned—no warning or anything. This was my only post. Most of my Twitter use is reading cute stories my husband shares w me. They respond, but never say WHY I was permanently banned.

  15. Benjamin

    So it gets weirder. My account too was suspended for no apparent reason. I appealed and finally got a response after about 2 weeks. Not the one I was hoping for, but read to the end:

    Your account was permanently suspended due to violations of our Terms of Service. After reviewing for reinstatement your account will not be restored.



    Strangely new age Twitter like with the “Thanks” after ominously saying “it won’t be restored.” With no explanation even though I had specifically asked why in the appeal, since I didn’t break any rules. Now for the stranger part. I then logged into Twitter again to start a new review and I got the message about turning off 2 factor authentication. I turned it off and my account seems fine now. Granted I hadn’t logged on since the instituted the 2 factor money grab, so I have no idea if the ban was because of that or just a correlation. Also, why did I get the email saying”It won’t be restored” but now it’s perfectly fine? Holy Elon, we may never know.

  16. Pete

    I was permanently suspended a few months ago and I have not received a valid reason, I appealed it and even emailed support and their was response was that they referenced a previous report where I broke the Terms of Service.
    Still no specific treason.
    It’s messed up, but I can live without Twitter, I never used it all that much.

    • Anonymous

      Hello. I can also live without twitter. I got banned too and still have no idea why. I don’t mind not being on twitter but like would people that I go for job interview with and if I want to travel. Will these people say. Hang on you’ve been banned from twitter etc. it’s caused my so much anxiety I wish I never made an account now

  17. Mojoyable

    I got permanently suspended but unlike most I read about I am not an active user…I go on once in a blue moon to read what other people have wrote but almost never post. Probably posted a total of 5 times in 5 years and commented about the same. How could I’ve possibly have violated the rules?

  18. Bryan

    I was just permanently banned and like everyone else here have absolutely no idea why. I haven’t violated any of their rules. I’m very upset over this.

  19. Bobby Bob

    Yet another suspension here. Again, like most, Inever tweet, I only follow. So no idea why I would be permanently suspended. Appeal lodged, but not hopeful.

  20. Charlie Madison

    My account was permanently suspended on 2/2/2023, exactly one day after Twitter announced their new policy that users could appeal permanent suspensions. They sent me an email message informing me of the permanent suspension, which they said was due to “spam and platform manipulation.” I had no warning. And I frankly have no idea why they suspended me. I read their nebulous policy, and from all I can tell they could use that policy as a pretext to suspend just about anyone. Several accounts I follow who – unlike me – had hundreds of thousands of followers were also nuked around the same time. I appealed of course and saw on 3/22/2023 that an account I follow that also got a permanent suspension was back up. So I carefully and nervously attempted to log in to my old account. Voila! There it was. I had probably gotten it back a week earlier, but they never sent me a message informing me of their action – which they could very easily have done with a few lines of code added to their routines. I now am convinced – after reading this article and the comments – that they did it as part of an experiment. See who appeals and checks back in to see if they got it back. Of course during the interim, I lost followers and – more important – lost the engagement that comes with the algorithm. I was gaining about 10 followers a day. It will take me some time to get back to that level.

  21. Paul

    Another pissed off Twitter permanently suspended account holder !! 10 plus years on Twitter – did nothing wrong and permanently suspended for no reason I just read all the comments below and my situation is exactly the same, I am very upset and used Twitter everyday.

    • Anon

      This is me. 9+ year old account I used daily with lots of great moots and the only platform where I interacted and a happy place. Never argued or trolled or caused harm. Now I’m permanently suspended for evading suspension and I’m guessing it’s for good.

  22. Anonymous

    Same situation here. I never tweet, comment or retweet and yet they permanently suspended my account. The most I have done is sending a link to a tweet.

  23. Lyn

    My husbands account was banned too. He just made it in November to be able to be able to view posts the men in his Bible study group share with him and would just click on them in their text group to read them. He didn’t have a single tweet didn’t follow anyone and never commented on a single thing. Hint even sure he even knows how to use Twitter lol.
    He also never got an email about it

  24. Charles

    Initially, my account was “temporarily restricted” because my actions were supposedly automated. This initially only affected my account, I could still make alts. No appeal got to any human or got a response, so I just made an account to ask Musk for an explanation. In response, he doubled down by locking that account permanently for “violating the twitter rules”, and tripled down by banning my entire range. My ISP is the biggest in my country, and doesn’t offer DHCP’d public IPs for lower speed tiers; only a static one. What happened around the same time? The news here were promoting an alternative… I think mastodon… Although I’m not sure if it was before or after. My last comment before getitng locked was “Are white people the last hope?” in response to someone claiming fate grand order designs were racist. Meanwhile, you see idiots reposting reconstruction efforts as proof that the war in Ukraine is fake and don’t get banned…

    What’s the point I’m trying to bring with this? We can get even with Elon rather easily. All we have to do is make an alt (if you can make them without getting automatically locked) on whatever ISP you can saying “I’m not a bot. Press any key to continue…” Why is the latter important? People like Musk think they’re smarter than you. If they look at the latter, he’ll think he figured you’re a bot and ban the entire IP range from which the post was made. If we can get this done to every single ISP possible, he’ll effectively lock his own website from the internet. But this requires everyone to cooperate.

    Meanwhile, just don’t use Twitter. I initially got withdrawal-like symptoms from losing contact with my favorite artists that just woke up one day and quit DeviantArt, but that eventually subsided the more I realized how much people desperately try to one-up, or cancel, each other on there.

    If you absolutely must still browse twitter, use a redirect service like nitter so that Musk can’t even sale your usage. The old Nitter Redirect Chrome extensions still works, but some instances have gone buggy. Just test which instance works best for you. Alternatively, you could try the libredirect extension, but that’s not on the Chrome store for some reason, requires an intrusive registry edit, and can redirect things you probably don’t need to redirect.

    • Anonymous

      My account was permanently suspended at 3.48am UK time this morning. No explanation as to why, i checked my account as much as i could, i couldnt see it had been hacked. I very rarely tweet and when i do its well within the rules. Makes you feel like a criminal

      • Gemma

        Hello. I can also live without twitter. I got banned too and still have no idea why. I don’t mind not being on twitter but like would people that I go for job interview with and if I want to travel. Will these people say. Hang on you’ve been banned from twitter etc. it’s caused my so much anxiety I wish I never made an account now

      • Gemma

        Hello. I got banned too and still have no idea why. I don’t mind not being on twitter but I’m visiting USA next month from UK and keep thinking will I not be allowed in now I’ve been banned on twitter. it’s caused my so much anxiety I wish I never made an account now. I agree it does make you feel like a criminal

  25. MC

    I was temporarily suspended. Then unsuspended. A few days later permanently banned.

    I was on Twitter since 2007. Nothing really crazy. I had almost thousand followers. I had one famous person following me.

    I didn’t post a whole lot. I tried to be respectful and never post crazy things.

    I am sure it was a mistake. I appealed it. However, I am actually thinking of never going back even if I am allowed to.

    I’m just disappointed that they can make a mistake like this.

    I do think after Elon fired half the employees it had to have a negative impact.

    This may be part of it.

    • Anonymous

      I was banned in February, i have appealed multiple times and to this day i still have no response. I just want twitter to adress this and why so many people are going through it and how its somehow flying under the radar with them, im just so annoyed

  26. Alex

    Well it seems I’m in good company, as I was permanently banned after 9 years! So all this time evey thing was fine now all of a sudden it’s not! My first thought was just delete the app! Turns out it’s a whole long procedure that takes over a month to deactivate your account! I’m no longer a Elon fan! Had even planned on getting a Tesla… Not Anymore!

  27. Miles

    Just got suspended today April 10th 2023. I’ve been on twitter since 2013. My account was hacked a week ago since they got rid of two factor authentication and they tweeted before they told me to change my password. Twitter was smart enough to know my account was hacked but then suspended me for what the hacker tweeted…makes sense

  28. Joan

    Yep. Me too. Last Friday (“Good Friday”!). No idea why. I have found a nearly identical account to mine, though, with just the number “1” added to my address. Also suggests nearly all the accounts I follow. Don’t think it could be coincidence and agree it seems like an algorithm problem. Why would they ban all these accounts otherwise, doesn’t make any business sense at all.

  29. Kay

    I’ve been permanently suspended and I actually only go on to read comments so I have no idea why I’ve been suspended. I’ve been on Twitter since it first started out. I have never made any abusive remarks or vented off. Appealed over a week ago and heard nothing. Load of rubbish

  30. Anon

    Hello, I just had my account suspended for no reason at all including over 100 of the people I’ve followed just in the past few days. I being suspended I find extremely suspicious because I have been helping run a community on Twitter that is trying to take down pedophiles on Twitter. And I don’t mean fictional stuff, I mean REAL pedophiles that are buying CSEM from children on Twitter. After a month of us working on this project, me and many of the members suddenly got suspended which says a lot to me, since in these past months, we’ve noticed a rise of people ignoring actual pedophilic and trying to fight against our community. And on top of conservatives most of the time actually do not care about children being preyed upon. I won’t get into that, but this is just highly upsetting to me and the other members. It is not a coincidence that a ton of us are being suspended when all we are doing is fighting against pedophilia


  31. Alex

    Update. I received an email response and it said that upon review I am still banned! I am baffled. Twitter has provided no explanation for the ban. I can’t think what I did. But seeing all these others with the same problem it looks like some kind of automated mistake. (?)

    • Anonymous

      I actually got a screenshot or automatic response of why I got banned but the funny thing is that I said the same thing a few days before! Then after I said it again under a second post I got flagged as breaking the rules even though it’s not enough to actually break the rules! This is BS…

  32. Anonymous

    Hello. I can also live without twitter. I got banned too and still have no idea why. I don’t mind not being on twitter but like would people that I go for job interview with and if I want to travel. Will these people say. Hang on you’ve been banned from twitter etc. it’s caused my so much anxiety I wish I never made an account now

  33. Gemma

    Hello. I can also live without twitter. I got banned too and still have no idea why. I don’t mind not being on twitter but like would people that I go for job interview with and if I want to travel. Will these people say. Hang on you’ve been banned from twitter etc. it’s caused my so much anxiety I wish I never made an account now

  34. Gemma

    Hello. I can also live without twitter. I got banned too and still have no idea why. I don’t mind not being on twitter but like would people that I go for job interview with and if I want to travel. Will these people say. Hang on you’ve been banned from twitter etc. it’s caused my so much anxiety I wish I never made an account now

  35. Gemma

    Hello. I got banned too and still have no idea why. I don’t mind not being on twitter but I’m visiting USA next month from UK and keep thinking will I not be allowed in now I’ve been banned on twitter. it’s caused my so much anxiety I wish I never made an account now

  36. Another Guy

    I’m heartbroken and I don’t understand why my account was suspended, just like Edward I never had any harsh disagreements with anyone on the platform neither did i do anything wrong according to the Twitter Rules or Terms. Although I do get that me liking almost, most of the posts on my TL might have come off as spammy, I did get in touch with Twitter Support and asked for help twice on the Appeals Section, really hoping they’ll get this fixed and I kind of trust the team because last November my account was falsely Suspended after I replied to an Elon tweet (I don’t remember what it was bc they forecefully made me delete it) but I remember it was something humorous (nothing controversial) but that suspension was corrected and i was reinstated after that and they apologised. I’m really hoping they get it fixed this time too.

  37. Anonymous

    I have a sneaky feeling they are purging accounts which they feel “aren’t adding value” because Twitter is losing money. So if you don’t have a blue check and don’t tweet at lot then there is a high chance you get suspended. That Would also explain why they don’t specify the rules broken because if they did users would be able to defend themselves and show they didn’t break any rules!

    I will bet they claim they are banning bots

    • Anonymous

      My account is being copied by bots and I’m the one that got banned, twitter blue, fully verified, smh.

  38. Geeta

    Hi, I feel so much better knowing I am not the only one “permanently suspended” having read the comments on here. I don’t even have any tweet history to review and evaluate my violation of Twitter rules, since I don’t even tweet or like posts. Instead I simply enjoy reading others’ comments out of interest.

  39. Anonymous

    I just got banned today! Permanent read only. I appealed two times and got the same 5 to 7 days to respond message then a few hours later I got a follow up email saying I won’t be brought back! Politics aside… Man do I miss old Twitter!

  40. Anonymous

    Same here been on since 2009 don’t use it much really now other than reading and an odd retweet. Went on and randomly suspended only can read all followers and all I’m following gone no explanation even as to why? What are they doing?

  41. Dave

    I got banned in March 2023. No explanation given, no warnings, nothing at all. I rarely tweet and barely ever even like or retweet. I had lots and lots of bookmarks. Every so often I’d clear all the bookmarks to start from scratch. Maybe that looked like spamming to an AI? I don’t know. But I definitely find the whole issue deeply embarrassing and it makes me feel like a criminal. Especially when I read things like: “you must break the rules in a really egregious way to get permanently banned.”

  42. Anonymous

    I got banned on the 28th March, I was tweeting a few times per week and most days replying to comments, ect. as well as having had twitter blue.

    It seems that my account has been targeted & copied by bots, not sure why as I only had 1.4k followers.

    I understand that Twitter have systems that find and remove multiple automated spam accounts in bulk, and I assume that my account was flagged as spam by mistake, the account is @lilchichi_eth

    Some of the bots accounts all start with @lilchichiethe then followed by a number, so far I’ve seen around x10 spam/bot accounts that literally word for word in their bio.

    Still no answer after my original appeal on the same day… SMH the lack of customer support is poor “We’ll take your money but you don’t get customer support”

    I’ve filed a complaint but not sure I’ll hear back (original case # 0319098879), so I’ve started sending them a follow up every other day, in hopes that my case won’t automatically get closed.


  43. Garry plummer

    I too have been permenantly suspended for no reason and appealed 3 times but get no response, it was a life line to me and now all gone.

  44. Anonymous

    I got permanently suspended for no reason too.
    I don’t have a blue tick but I do tweet a lot, nothing controversial or spammy, just my love for music, movies etc.
    It really doesn’t make sense in who they target to have accounts suspended…

  45. Anonymous

    I’ve been suspended today Thursdays May 18th. I only signed up to read an Obama article. I’m English. I’ve never used it, or posted anything. So no idea what rules
    Broken, maybe not interactive enough. Lol.

  46. Anonymous


    Me too I got permanently suspended from posting and liking for no reason and no advance warning, appealed and automatically received a still suspended notification. I uploaded my id as part of the process and wish I hadn’t. Still no response for my request on why and personal data. I cam only think this was motivated by a polite, evidence based Tweet to a politician requesting a rethink on a controversial piece of legislation so I think this may be the reason. Anyway, not too bothered although platform manipulation is scary. I take it as confirmation of my suspicions


  47. Maria

    I’ve been suspended for “violating our rules against evading suspension.” I did no such thing! Appeals are fruitless and circular with no other explanation or specific response. Just a canned response over and over. A real head scratcher! I don’t know who is doing this and for what purpose, but I am confident I have nothing to do with the real reason.

  48. Anonymous

    I was apparently banned in April. When I looked into it, I found four spam postings on my account. I appealed stating I had been hacked. I have sent multiple appeal emails. I always immediately get back the same exact reply from Twitter stating it was reviewed and I am still banned.

  49. Paul Woods

    I was surprised to see my Twitter account permanently suspended just last evening. I immediately re-read the rules and I can’t see how I broke any rules. After an appeal they sent me back a tweet they claim broke the rules. It did not break any of the rules they have stipulated. I have had a Twitter account since 2011 and used it quite frequently the last couple years.

    If my account was permanently suspended for a rather benign single tweet then there are millions of truly hateful obnoxious accounts that should permanently suspended.

  50. Anonymous

    Same as most others on here. I was on twitter this morning just scrolling through and making the odd innocent remark, when out of the blue I had a message saying I’d been suspended due to a tweet about “Inciting Violence”. Normally I’m quite a consistent poster on politics, football, video games, local issues among others. But this shocked me as it is not the sort of thing I’d ever do. So straight away I appealed and got the your account will not be restored message, so I reappealed and it came back with the whole review thing about taking 5-7 days. If Elon Musk wants to kill twitter he’s going the right way about it.

  51. Disgruntled twitter user

    I was suspended yesterday morning without warning regarding a comment I made which was done as a joke and no harm meant, this lead to me getting a permanent ban for “violent speech”. ?????

    I appealed and got turned down flatly. Annoying thing is others have posted the same as myself and worse and yet they haven’t been suspended. How is this fair? I have sent links to twitter with those other comments, I feel like I’m being made an example of. If Elon Musk wants to destroy twitter, hes going the right way about it!

  52. Tony Perkins

    I got banned and I dont know why. I have asked many times and I just get a standard email back saying I violated the rules. I still have no idea what I did and they won’t tell me.

  53. Martin Schwanke

    Hi, I hot banned on 31st May 2023, same message as here
    Unfortunately, I was hacked, had 7 or 8 Tweets on 29th May which were. Related to bitcoin and had multiple other tweeters handles in, it really wasn’t me,my email, Facebook,LinkedIn and credit card was also hacked as was my Ebay and tge hackers , thieves stole my cc details and bought things, most accounts are on dual factor authentication now, just hoping to get my original twitter account back by appeal.

  54. Anonymous

    I too have gotten permanently suspended from Twitter for no reason. I’ve appealed it many times and they just send me a lazy email about looking into it and still deciding I am suspended. I looked at other tweets and saw that there are so many people who say worse things than I ever said and they are on. I never targeted anyone or harassed anyone. I would like to know why they are doing this.

  55. Wavy Gravy

    The exact same thing happened to me. It appeared to happen shortly after I upset a paying blue check user by feeding him articles which disproved his right wing theories. Perhaps there are power users who have the ability to knock off users who they don’t like? When Twitter users are suspended with no reason given, they open themselves up to all kinds of theories as to why this is happening. Do any of the users who got suspended lean far to the right?

  56. Susan Oskvarek

    I had the same thing happen to me. I was permanently suspended with no reason why nor did I see anything that was above and beyond what I read others tweet.

  57. Paul Mitchell

    I have just been suspended by Twitter for apparently “evading suspension”. I have absolutely no clue why this has been given as a reason because I have been on Twitter since 2010 and have had had any restrictions put on my account at all. I use it regularly and still enjoy it (despite negative changes) so this has upset me.

  58. Anthony

    I was banned today after in got an email stating that my account was logged in on a new device, literally seconds later my Twitter was suspended with the same notes as above. Permanently in read mode. I submitted a request to unblock my account as Someone hijacked it. No response yet

  59. Anonymous

    I got banned for just making an account no tweet no violation no nothing i couldnt do shit and the account was banned. The Apile system on the app is practicly speaking unuseble and only leader u to them telling u to verify your account wich is not possible to do.

  60. John Rodarte

    Two days ago I logged into my Twitter account and discovered a message that I am permanently suspended for violating Twitter “guidelines” though the message did not cite the alleged violations.. I appealed the suspension, received notice it may take 5 to 7 days to review the appeal but 3 hours later received an email informing me the suspension was being upheld.

    I submitted a second appeal that included a request for a record of the specific violation(s). A few hours later, I received a reply from Twitter requesting I provide additional information about why I believe I was wrongfully suspended. In my reply I politely again asked that I be provided a record of the specific violations I committed. 9 hours later I received another email again stating the suspension would not be lifted, that I cannot file another appeal, and of course, without any specifics explaining the basis for the suspension.


    Yep me too – I am a paid for Blue Tick user of many years. Each tweet is thought through and well crafted. Been suspended apparently due to violent speech etc.
    I am the leat violent persona on Gods green Earth and have NEVER threatened anyone’s

    Appealed a second time with an account analysis and got the same reply sent earlier

    The synic in me sez ots AI responding

  62. anonymous

    Just happened to me today as well. For supposedly “evading suspension”…? I haven’t a clue what could have triggered Twitter to suspend my account. I’ve been a user for years, never had a complaint or a “time out”. BUT I also wasn’t paying for a blue check so I’m thinking others on here are correct and this is Musk’s newest form of extortion.

  63. T.H.

    Happened to me as well. Same scenarios as reported above. For no reason, out of the blue. This is what I got..

    “Please respond to this email with the reason you believe your account suspension was in error and/or the reason you are requesting an appeal. Once we receive your response, we will review and provide a follow up response with the outcome of our review…”

    And by March someone was logging into my account from
    Location* Ashburn, VA

    And I’m from Iowa. So I’m just screwed out of my account & someone else gets to use it. So you can add me to the list of done wrong by twitter. & please let me know if anything ever comes of this I would like to get back on twitter some day. Thanks for bringing attention to it.

  64. Krystal

    My account was permanently banned with same message same with my husband. I did the appeal thing and within seconds got email saying it’s been reviewed will not be reinstated and I can never make another account. I have not even posted on twitter… literally just created it for a class in college. No reason why no email no warning just gone and appeal instantly denied with no reason. I tried make new account and wasn’t successful new account steps taken and instantly said banned permanently. Hubby didn’t even know he had an account and his was also suspended exact same jargon. This happened around July 2023

  65. Anon

    I never post on twitter. I tend to ‘like’ posts and that’s it but I found out today that I’ve been suspended. Oh well, time away from my screen will be time well spent. This seems to be some sort of unhinged purge and I won’t waste another second on it.

  66. Nancy Eisenbud

    I have a twitter account I literally never used. Never sent a tweet. I was more or less dropped for innappropriate behavior over a year ago. At any rate, I cannot access the account and I can’t set up a new account. I am 76 years old and not savy about social media . Now, I would like to use twitter, because there is educational content posted there I would like to access. Twitter has never responded to my appeals, either. what a lot of Bull! Very disappointed. Criminals and total psychopaths use this thing. How can they pretend to have any discretion.

  67. Anonymous

    I was perm banned yesterday. Like all you people I didn’t break any rules either. I needed it for business. How does that look to my employer. I will NEVER buy 1 single product that ELON Musk sells if this is what happens when you use his products.

  68. Ivy

    Just got perma banned on Twitter, no idea why, I’ve never had a suspension. The only thing I could see is occasional cus word but like you think Twitter the “bastion of free speech” would give you a warning first.

  69. Anonymous

    Happened to me in the last few days – I have no idea why – I try to remain polite and any insults I am moved to are mild in the 8 years or so I have posted. The only ‘crime’ I can think of was re-posting to a number of people a thread giving Israel ‘supporting’ evidence of the recent hospital ‘bombing’ in Gaza; the thread was all sober evidenced based stuff. I appealed then heard about 2 hrs later the account was permanently suspended and this decision would not be changed. Strange

  70. Anonymous

    Arrived at this page after the shock and confusion of suddenly having a/c suspended. Some consolation in seeing am far from alone and appears no pattern or logic behind the suspensions. I used a/c to see what others posting and have never actually tweeted (Xed?), so difficult to see what rule(s) could have broken. Perhaps I wasn’t productive enough. Is X/Twitter doing so well it can afford to randomly cull members? From the experience of others, doesn’t seem much point in appealing – I didn’t read a single instance of an a/c being reinstated. Oh well. Sadder but not much wiser.

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