Which Marvel Heroes And Characters Will Die In Avengers: Infinity War?


Hawkeye: Really-Not-Safe

Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye is a really difficult character to place on this list. Will he or won’t he die? Honestly, as far as he’s concerned, I have no idea. I think that the character was really well expanded upon in Avengers: Age Of Ultron. He was arguably the best thing about that movie, yet the character is somewhat forgettable, and that’s not down to Renner’s performance. It’s more down to the way the character’s been handled and written. Before Ultron, he was the butt of all jokes and just throwing out quips here and there and spend most of the first Avengers movie brainwashed. But in recent years we’ve been seeing a different side to that character and one that I would like to see more of in the future. That said, he’s going to have to be in the “Really-Not-Safe” category because I just don’t know what more he can offer the franchise, especially when they end up leaving Earth and heading for the other planets and galaxies out there.

War Machine: Really-Not-Safe

We are not entering the category of Avengers heroes that are in grave danger of meeting their makers, and we start off with War Machine, a.k.a. James “Rhodey” Rhodes. His death was already foreshadowed in Captain America: Civil War, and in the end, he survived the movie but wasn’t unscathed. He ended up having to deal with some severe injuries that affected his ability to walk. It’s a miracle that he’s back on his feet, let alone fighting Thanos. I do believe that Don Cheadle’s time in the MCU is drawing to a close and it’ll probably come to an end at the fists of Thanos.

Thor: Really-Not-Safe

Chris Hemsworth’s Thor has been put through the ringer recently. His hammer and his him were destroyed in Thor: Ragnarok. Oh yeah, and he lost his eye! And judging by Avengers: Infinity War’s trailers, things aren’t going to get any easier for the Asgardian. There’s much potential for him to kick the bucket in this upcoming Avengers movie which I feel would be a huge shame. The trailers seem to have been leading us to believe that Thor might die in the film. There’s also the fact that the Thor trilogy is now complete and Hemsworth’s Marvel contract is up. Then again, I’m so sure it’ll happen just yet. I think that we’ll see Hemsworth and Taika Waititi collaborate yet again on a fourth Thor movie. There’s also the fact that Hemsworth is now arguably the most popular Avenger. Maybe Marvel might not want to stop that potential revenue just yet.

Vision: Really-Not-Safe

Paul Bettany’s Vision could have very easily landed in the upcoming “Dead” category for me. Not only does he have the Mind Stone in his forehead, but he’s also one of those newer characters that could be seen as expendable. That said, even though Thanos will immediately make a beeline for the guy with an Infinity Stone in his head – and he’ll undoubtedly find a way to remove it – I don’t think it’s a ‘dead’ certainty that Vision will die in Infinity War (pardon the pun). I know that the Mind Stone is what gives him his powers, but who’s to say that he won’t be able to survive without it? I wonder whether he’ll end up helping the Avengers in another way without his incredible abilities.

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