What to Expect From the Final Few Hours of Twin Peaks: The Return?


As we head into the final few hours of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s twisted nightmare of a show Twin Peaks: The Return, let’s take a minute to ponder what we might see.

Spoilers for the most recent episode of Twin Peaks are mentioned but not explicit. Don’t read any further if you want to remain completely spoiler free! 

Still here? Good.

One thing I’m certain about with the return of Twin Peaks is that it almost certainly has not met your preconceived ideas of what will happen. It’s as if Lynch and Frost subverted those expectations from the very first episode and have continued to do so throughout. Just when you think the craziness is over and we’re starting to see a weird police procedural, along comes episode 8.

If you’ve stuck with the show since that derivative episode you were rewarded with some clear plot progression and more of a return to the feel of old Peaks.

Not any more, Lynch reminded us in the last episode that we’re not safe yet. Evil can lurk every where, in the homes and bodies of those characters we know and love.

Face it, you’ve probably come to expect that Cooper will forever be Dougie. His inherent goodness, luck and charm is his reward (as well as marrying a smoking hot Naomi Watts) for enduring 25 years of backward talking dwarves.

It feels to me like Dougie/Coop is happy in his new life, his quest to solve the riddle/mysteries of the Black/White lodge, Laura Palmer and Bob have been taken on by his colleagues in the Blue Rose task force as well as the newly reformed bunkhouse boys and the pure soul that is deputy Andy.

With so many threads to connect and discuss we can speculate on the potential ending for hours, but what I’ve learnt is that Lynch and Frost have something coming we cannot even begin to contemplate.

Got your own theories? Share them in the comments below and remember to shovel your way out of the rubbish.

Twin Peaks: The Return airs on Sunday evenings on Showtime in the US and Sky Atlantic and NOWTV soon after. 

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