Watchmen Episode 7 Review


Director: David Semel
Starring: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Regina King, Jean Smart, Hong Chau and Jeremy Irons

WARNING: Potential SPOILERS for Watchmen Episode 7 in this review

I’ve said this time and time again, Watchmen is the best show of 2019, and Season 1 hasn’t even finished yet, and Episode 7, called ‘An Almost Religious Awe’, demonstrates why this show is so good.

I thought that last week’s episode was a bonified masterpiece of television, and I stand by that statement. Now, I can’t go around saying that each episode is a masterpiece, and that’s not going to be the case here.

Granted, Watchmen Episode 7 is just more incredible television and has a brilliant twist towards the end, but a good twist doesn’t make for a classic episode of television.

I would rewatch Watchmen Episode 6 again and again because I think it’s an incredible hour of television on its own.

How this episode is perceived in the long run really does hinge on what’s going to happen in the two last episodes of the first season of Watchmen.

That said, the twist is amazing and the way the tension mounts in An Almost Religious Awe is nothing short of spectacular.

Watchmen Episode 7 builds upon what’s been set up thus far

Regina King as Angela Abar in Watchmen Episode 7

Regina King as Angela Abar in Watchmen Episode 7 – Credit: HBO

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You just don’t want the episode to end. You want more answers, and they’re starting to tie up some loose threads now, and Damon Lindelof and his excellent team of writers have come up with a truly remarkable follow-up to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ original graphic novel.

It not only honours the source material, but it also expands upon it and makes it even better than in way before as far as I’m concerned.

You really do feel like you’re in the world that Moore and Gibbons created, and that’s just a testament to how well-written and directed the show is.

Watchmen Episode 7 is a continuation of that. It’s gripping, with wonderfully nuanced performances, especially from the likes of Regina King, Jean Smart and Hong Chau.

And then you have the comic relief of Jeremy Irons as Adrian Veidt, who really does seem to be in a bit of a pickle on one of Jupiter’s many moons.

This episode sees Angela wake up after having that pretty nasty trip thanks to her grandfather’s nostalgia pills, and she’s no in Lady Trieu strange clock thingamajig.

She’s still suffering from the after-effects of having consumed her grandfather’s memories, but she also knows that something isn’t right.

Could Watchmen be the best show on TV this year?

Angela and Lady Trieu in Watchmen Episode 7

Angela and Lady Trieu in Watchmen Episode 7 – Credit: HBO

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She wants answers and wants to talk to her grandfather, but Trieu won’t let her.

Angela also has some sort of long tube strapped to her arm and is told her grandfather’s on the other end.

Watchmen Episode 7 also expands on Angela and Cal’s relationship, and it’s nice to see Yahya Abdul-Mateen II actually get to do something in this episode.

I was starting to think they’d forgotten about him, but that’s as much as I’ll say because I don’t want to spoil anything for you.

This episode is definitely the strangest episode of the show thus far, and it’s all the better for it as far as I’m concerned.

I like it when Watchmen gets weird. The weirder the better if you ask me.

I’m pretty sure that if you’ve watched this episode already, then you’ll be desperate to know what’s going to happen next because it ends on a tantalising cliffhanger which will get any Watchmen fan extremely excited.

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