Did Watchmen Just Turn Donald Trump’s Dad Into One Of The Show’s Racist Villains?

Now, this could turn out to be huge news if true, but it may have been revealed that one of the racist villains in the most recent episode of Watchmen (Episode 6) might have been the current President of the United States’ father, Fred Trump.

The reason why people believe this to be true is because there are loads of hints in the episode that the man who’s just referred to as Fred in the episode is actually Donald Trump’s father.

When you start looking into it, the similarities become too many to ignore. People then took to Twitter to post their theories about the Fred in the recent episode of Watchmen really being Fred Trump, father of Donald Trump.

The episode tells the story of how Will Reeves ended up becoming Hooded Justice, and it all started off with a man throwing a Molotov cocktail through a Jewish Deli’s window on Jamaica Avenue in Queens.

Reeves, who had recently become a Police Officer caught the man in the act and took him to the station to be booked for his crime.

Was that Fred Trump in Watchmen Episode 6?

Watchmen Episode 6 may have featured Fred Trump as a villain

Watchmen Episode 6 may have featured Fred Trump as a villain (Credit: HBO)

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However, when he got there, another policeman took the culprit and told Reeves that he had it from that point on.

The policeman then made a strange sign but putting his fingers in the shape of an O on his forehead.

Later than night, Reeves is trapped by the same policeman and his friends and they tie a noose around his neck, put a bag over his head and hang him, but they stop short of killing him.

This is how Hooded Justice is born because on his way home, Reeves – still wearing the noose around his neck – puts on the bag on his head and saves a couple who were being mugged.

A few days later, the man Reeves had stopped just days before then bumps into him on the street, and this is how he ends up discovering the secret organisation known as Cyclops.

This man is only referred to as Fred and in the episode, Reeves says: “I’m gonna start with that bastard Fred,” when he decides to become Hooded Justice.

He continues: “Turns out he owns a market in Queens. They wanted me to stay away from him for a reason.”

It looks like Watchmen might be making a political statement

Regina King as Sister Knight in Watchmen Episode 6

Regina King as Sister Knight in Watchmen Episode 6 (Credit: HBO)

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Later on in the episode, Will bumps into Fred again, outside a warehouse in which the organisation known as Cyclops had been developing their brainwashing cameras.

Fred reveals that he owns the warehouse, and Will shoots him in the head.

Some eagle-eyed viewers spotted that the warehouse was called F.T. & Sons.

This might not mean much to most people, but some viewers realised what the show’s writers were doing and recognised the similarities between this Fred and Donald Trump’s father.

They took to Twitter to reveal their theory that Fred in the show was actually Fred Trump.

Then one of the show’s writers, Claire Kiechel, took to Twitter to leave a rather cryptic clue. She said: “Look up who owned Queens first supermarket… #Watchmen”

Turns out that Fred Trump, like the Fred in this Watchmen episode, owned a market in Queens just on the corner of Jamaica Avenue and 78th Street.

Coincidence? I think not.

Moreover, Donald Trump’s father did some a connection to the Ku Klux Klan. Fred Trump was one of seven men arrested in the 1927 KK riot.

I think people are now starting to put two and two together and coming up Trumps.

What do you think about this? Do you think the Fred in Watchmen’s recent episode was actually Fred Trump? Let us know in the comments below.

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