Unorthodox Is The Best Show To Binge-Watch On Netflix While In Lockdown – Here’s Why

It can be tough to find something to watch on Netflix while in lockdown, but I’m here to tell you that Unorthodox has to be the next series you binge-watch.

The limited-series is based on the New York Times bestselling memoir of the same name by Deborah Feldman.

It’s a story about a girl who rejects her radicalised upbringing and leaves to start a new life.

It can be described as a coming of age story which is also a bit of a thriller.

The series is set in between Berlin and New York and offers a fascinating and pretty scary look into the world of Hasidic Judaism.

Why is Unorthodox worth watching on Netflix?


Unorthodox is a show that will open your eyes – Credit: Netflix

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The lead character is a young girl called Esther Shapiro, brilliantly played by Israeli actress Shira Haas.

She’s known as Etsy to everyone and she ends up having to marry a young Jewish man and they live together in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

However, upon finding out she is pregnant, Etsy decides to flee to Berlin where her birth-mother lives.

That’s when she leaves New York without any belongings and takes a flight to Berlin with the help of her piano teacher.

She’s been having piano lessons in secret and her teacher helped her get her German passport which she was able to procure thanks to her mother.

Upon arriving in Berlin, Etsy does try to track down her mother, but decides not to approach her when she sees her with her female partner.

Unorthodox is a limited-series that makes you think


Unorthodox is really worth watching on Netflix while in lockdown – Credit: Netflix

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There is so much going on in Unorthodox. There’s the story of Etsy’s relationship with her mother, whom she believes abandoned her as a child.

There’s her relationship with her husband which is very strained.

This mainly due to the fact she can’t have sex with him because it hurts her too much.

One of the core beliefs of the Ultra-Orthodox community Etsy is part of in New York is that they should reproduce in order to bring back the millions of jews that were lost during the second world war.

Then, there’s Etsy’s relationship with music. Her faith forbids women to perform music or sing because it’s seen as too provocative and seducing.

However, Etsy has a talent for music and tries to get herself a scholarship to a prestigious music school in Berlin.

Upon learning that Etsy has fled to Berlin and that’s she’s also pregnant, her husband, Yanki, is ordered by his Rabbi to go after her with his cousin’s, Moishe’s help.

Will there be another season?


Unorthodox just landed on Netflix last week – Credit: Netflix

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The show is utterly engrossing, and as I mentioned before incredibly fascinating.

Before watching the miniseries, I had no real idea of what it’s like to be an orthodox Jew.

Now, this is a very selective representation of what’s it’s like, and I would argue is almost a ‘worst-case-scenario’.

However, it’s interesting to see this harrowing account of what it’s like growing up in such a repressive community.

It’s really eye-opening and something I think everybody should watch whilst we’re all in lockdown.

As for whether they’ll be a season 2, the answer is no.

This is very much a one-and-done sort of show. It’s only four parts and Etsy’s story is very much concluded at the end of the limited-series.

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