The Walking Dead Boss Teases Negan’s Death In Season 10’s Finale

The Walking Dead’s boss, Denise Huth has teased that Season 10’s finale episode could end up with Negan’s death which would be a huge deal.

Huth, who’s The Walking Dead’s executive producer, was on a recent episode of Talking Dead (via The Express Online), and gave some rather worrying news about the show’s upcoming Season 10 finale.

She began by stating: “Following the attack on Hilltop, they reconvened at the rendezvous point and clearly things have happened.

“A little bit of time has passed, and they’ve come up with a plan.

“We don’t necessarily know what that plan is.

“You definitely get the sense that they’re preparing for an attack to come, they know it’s coming, and how can they solve the problem of this giant horde?”

It does seem as though things are going to come to a very brutal conclusion.

Huth then went on to discuss the treat posed by The Whisperers, saying: “We’re seeing [the survivors] more together.

Negan might die in The Walking Dead Season 10’s finale episode


The Walking Dead Season 10 has seen Negan go down an interesting path – Credit: AMC

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“It’s clear that they have some sort of plan, but there’s still that fear.”

Huth then concluded by stating that not everyone will come out this episode alive.

“There’s still the knowledge that this is tricky, and that once again maybe not everyone is going to get out alive,” she said.

There are many characters on The Walking Dead that have been around for quite a while, like Negan for instance.

Huth seems to be suggesting that some of these characters’ time might be up.

The Walking Dead season 10 finale will air in 2020 on AMC.

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