The Walking Dead Fans Loved Seeing Daryl Dixon And Negan Team-Up

The Walking Dead Season 10 saw Negan and Daryl Dixon team-up against The Whisperers in what was a really special moment and fans loved it.

We never really know what’s going on in Negan’s head.

He’s a very difficult character to predict, however, we all know that Daryl is a born hero, so we know he’ll always try to save the day.

One of the big questions of The Walking Dead Season 10 was where do Negan’s true loyalties lie.

It seemed like he had gone back to being a villain after he pledge allegiance to Alpha as her new number two.

However, it turns out he’d been playing her all along and fans lost their respective minds as it was revealed he’d actually teamed-up with Daryl against Alpha.

The Walking Dead Season 10 saw Negan and Daryl team-up and fans are losing their minds


The Walking Dead Season 10 has seen Negan go down an interesting path – Credit: AMC

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The latest episode of The Walking Dead Season 10 called Look at the Flowers, explored what happened after Negan’s true allegiances were revealed.

Watching Negan and Daryl fighting side by side was one of the best moments on the show ever. Fans really loved it.

They took to social media to reveal their delight at seeing Daryl and Negan work together.

Here’s a little snippet of what The Walking Dead fans were saying about Negan and Daryl’s team-up on Twitter:

What do you make of this news?

Were you happy to see Negan and Daryl team-up in The Walking Dead Season 10?

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