The Walking Dead Season 10’s Showrunner Talks Daryl And Negan’s ‘Complicated’ Relationship

The Walking Dead Season 10’s showrunner, Angela Kang, has opened up about Daryl Dixon and Negan’s “complicated” relationship.

Kang was talking to Entertainment Weekly about the current season of The Walking Dead.

That was when she got onto the subject of Daryl and Negan’s rather odd relationship.

This came after the two characters ended up teaming-up together in order to kick some Whisperer butt.

Before this moment, we all thought that Negan was Alpha’s number two.

However, it turned out he was working against her and with Daryl and Carol.

It was a great moment and Kang opened up about it during a recent interview.

Daryl Dixon and Negan teamed-up in The Walking Dead season 10


Negan in The Walking Dead Season 10 – Credit: AMC

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“I think there’s a little bit of a thaw,” Kang explained.

She then added: “I don’t know that he totally trusts him.

“He was very aware that Negan was having maybe a bit too much fun once he got the gun back from the Whisperers, and Negan is complicated, and Negan killed people that mattered a lot to Daryl.”

Kang then spoke about the mass execution of the Alexandrians that took place back in season seven.

She mentioned Daryl and Maggie’s (Lauren Cohan) plans to take down Negan.

“For Daryl, all of it is a complicated relationship, but Daryl’s a pretty pragmatic guy and he sees this guy — he did do some stuff that was good, and so I don’t think that that’s lost on Daryl,” Kang said.

“But at the same time, is he ready to call this guy his best friend? I don’t think so,” she finished.

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