The Imperfects Season 2 Potential Release Date, Cast, Story & More


The Imperfects Season 2 is on many, many people’s minds, mine included. In this article, we wanted to go over all the stuff that you might want to know about a potential Season 2. The new Netflix series has been a pretty big hit on the streaming platform, and fans are already asking about a release date for a second season. People also want to know about season two’s cast, story and other things, such as if a new trailer for season two has been released.

Well, in this article, we’re going to go over all of that and try and figure out all of those things. However, here’s a disclaimer for you guys. Not all the answers for The Imperfects Season 2. However, once we get any new information about the second season, we will update this article pronto! Right, now let’s talk about season two of this new hit Netflix show.

Is The Imperfects Season 2 happening on Netflix?


Credit: Netflix

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Before we go into all of that, let’s go over what The Imperfects is all about. Here’s the show’s official plot synopsis (courtesy of Netflix):

Three outsiders – lamentable leftovers of science experiments gone bad – band together to search for the Mad Scientist who conducted those experiments and transformed each of them into something that isn’t quite human anymore…

The show’s first season was released on Netflix on September 8th, and it’s already proven to be a big hit with subscribers. If you’re to look at, which is a really good site if you want to know how well movies and TV shows are performing on streaming platforms, then you’ll quickly realise that the series is doing really well.

If you’re to look at Netflix’s Top 10 TV shows list, then you’ll see that The Imperfects has been doing really well since it was released. It’s currently sitting in third position for this week, which isn’t bad for a new series on the streaming platform. It’s currently sitting behind Cobra Kai and The Crown. Cobra Kai already has a huge following, and The Crown’s popularity comes after The Queen of the United Kingdom’s death last week. However, it has to be said that the show has now fallen to fourth position. Narco-Saints has just taken that third spot.

When could The Imperfects Season 2 be released?


Credit: Netflix

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So, the show was created by by Shelley Eriksen & Dennis Heaton, and it sees three teens undergoing an experiment that gives them monstrous side effects. The trio joins forces to find the scientist responsible and a cure. The series comes from the same production company behind a bunch of other Netflix titles such as The I-Land, The Order (which was cancelled after just two seasons), and Wu Assassins.

So, the question remains, will The Imperfects Season 2 happen? Well, as of yet, we don’t know. It seems as though the streamer hasn’t decided on the future of the new series yet. However, even though the series has been in Netflix’s Top Ten lists, it’s apparently been struggling to get viewers, which means that it could be challenging for the show to get renewed.

We’ve discussed this before here at Small Screen. Netflix uses a myriad of factors in determining which shows get cancelled and which get renewed. One of the very important ones is how many people actually finished the show. That’s one of the reasons why shows such as Archive 81, Resident Evil, First Kill and October Faction ended up getting cancelled.

The show also hasn’t been reviewed all that well since its release. It’s been a pretty mixed bag. The first red flag is that there aren’t enough reviews of the series to get it a Metacritic or Rotten Tomatoes critic review. However, it’s doing relatively well with audiences as it currently scores a 78% on Rotten Tomatoes.

I have to say that the marketing for this show was pretty poor. I didn’t know anything about it before it was released, and I cover these sorts of shows on Netflix for a living! We got the first major reveal of this new series back at Netflix’s Geeked Week. Since then, the only information we got about the series was the release date. The show’s first trailer and the release date announcement came just a week before the show landed on Netflix! That’s just so dumb!

Who could star in season two?


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But, what could happen in The Imperfects should it get a Season 2? Honestly, that is a very good question because this series is pretty insane! So, this whole show sees our trio of heroes trying to find a cure for what they’ve been put through by the evil scientists. Well, they do eventually find out, but they aren’t overwhelmed by the results. Tilda decides not to take the cure, but the other two do.

Juan and Abbi find out that the cure is permanent, and they are now basically back to square one. Well, it’s even worse than square one because they no longer seem to have Dr. Burke on their side. Another big problem facing the trio is that there is now the virus that’s spreading throughout the town, and it’s causing all sorts of damage and utter chaos. If the virus gets out to the wider world, then everyone is in a whole lot of trouble.

I think that The Imperfects Season 2 (should it happen), will see the trio use their ‘curse’ in order to help others and ultimately save the world from this awful virus. I’m actually not sure whether they’ll ever be cured themselves. I don’t know if it’s even possible to find a proper cure that will stand the test of time.

Has a new trailer for The Imperfects Season 2 been released?


Credit: Netflix

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As there has been no news yet on whether The Imperfects Season 2 will happen or not, there is no trailer yet. I’ve also just released that I haven’t given you any details on when the second season’s release date could be. Well, because of the fact that the show is still in limbo, there really is no way of accurately knowing when the second season could be released. However, should it be renewed in the next month or two, then I would expect The Imperfects Season 2 to be released in 2023, beginning of 2024.

What do you make of this feature? Are you looking forward to watching The Imperfects Season 2 on Netflix? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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