The Best Political Films To Watch Right Now


It’s time to go over the best political films you should watch right now on the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus and Hulu. There are some pretty good films on this list.

Right now we are living in a strange, unprecedented time – and it can, at times, feel like everything is defined by politics. In the UK, it has become but a huge part of daily public life, especially when it comes to the pandemic and the continuing response to Covid 19 still recking havoc on our lives.

With that in mind, we have put together a list of our favourite political films. Some of them are innately political – but others are also more thematic, something for you to explore. To remain apolitical is a behaviour of the privileged – but it would not hurt to watch a few films with an entertainment slant, too.

These are the best political films you can watch right now

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Get Me Roger Stone

Get Me Roger Stone Netflix Best Political Films

Credit: Netflix

The Trump presidency is something that, as a period of time, is somewhat indescribable. That period of time was somewhat nail-biting at times, beset by worry, international embarrassment, and so much more. But there is still a lot of action ongoing, related to the activities during the Trump administration – and you may have seen this with a warrant recently executed. This will serve as a great backgrounder about what is still ongoing.

Get Me Roger Stone is available on Netflix.

Dark Waters

dark-waters_random acts of kindness movies best political films

Credit: Dreamworks Pictures

Far across the world, there is an international movement advocating for clean water, as something of a basic human right. Dark Waters is the story of how one lawyer, played by Mark Ruffalo, was – at first, anyway – use to defending corporations as part of his law practice. A chance encounter with one disgruntled Earl Tennant leads to a twenty-year mission, a legal battle to uncover how Forever Chemicals were allowed to impact every single human being on Earth. This is a drama, but it will shock and horrify you. This will also give you an insight into why Forever Chemicals have become such a huge political issue, given the insanely dangerous health implications.

Dark Waters is now available on Amazon Prime.

The Devil We Know

The Devil We Know best Political Films Netflix

Credit: Cinetic Media

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The Devil We Know is the inside scoop on Dark Waters – but is more of a documentary, complete with some rather (in)famous names attached to it as well. Lobbying is innately flawed – we have seen this in recent weeks with various scandals in the UK, too – but so is regulation, too, arguably. The Devil We Know is not available in some territories, however.

Erin Brokovich


Credit: Universal Pictures

Clean water is the right of every single human being on Earth – but it is a right that is continually under attack, and it is probably something inaccurate to claim anyone has. Erin Brockovich is twenty-one years old this year, and is the story of how one single, twice divorced mother started working at a legal practice and began to advocate for a community who were having their water effectively poisoned. Erin Brockovich is an international advocate now, and is still working on clean water issues – and this is just the starting point, too. The right to clean water is an innately political issue, and you can use this film as a tool to demand change, too.

Erin Brokovich is available on Netflix.

All The President’s Men

all-the-presidents-men journalism films

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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All The President’s Men is the gold standard of investigative journalism, and the related scandal is often name-checked these days, too. Two youngish male reporters team up together when the most innocuous of events seems to suggest something far bigger – and something that every single other journalist had missed. A conspiracy leads right to the heart of government – and implicated the wider Nixon administration in criminal acts. It leads to the resignation of the president because impeachment proceedings were going to be opened – and this was a way to avoid that. When it comes to the activities of the Trump administration, Watergate is often mentioned, which is where criminal activities in All The President’s Men took place. Time may have passed, but to have a free press is vital to provide checks to the government.

All The President’s Men is available on Amazon Prime.

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

Harrison Ford and Sean Connery in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Credit: Disney

“It belongs in a museum!” Forgive us for this one – but, as an oldie and a goodie, it belongs on the list. There are occasional stories that seek to analyse whether ancient artefacts should be returned to their country of origin, in a practice to acknowledge and begin to undo the harm wrought by colonialism. While the Jones franchise can be critiqued – such as for the stereotypes of The Temple Of Doom – but this deals with the need to conserve history. Ancient temples and sites of historical significance have been obliterated lately, such as by ISIS and in Syria. Projects around the world have tried their hardest to save the history through 3D reconstruction, photography, and so much more. It’s entertainment at its finest, but this should leave you in a reflective mood, too.

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade is available on Amazon Prime.

The Woman In The Window


Credit: Netflix

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Thanks to everything Coronavirus related, the film was somewhat delayed in being released for general viewing – but it has finally landed. The Woman In The Window is a fictional story of how an agoraphobic woman sees a murder from her apartment – yet it seems that the woman is still alive. She must overcome the delusions of everyone around her, as they have so many preconceptions, in order to get to the truth of what happened to her friend. How people with additional conditions are treated in healthcare is so often not taken seriously, and this will challenge any preconceptions and prejudices you will probably likely already have.

The Woman In The Window is out now on Netflix.



Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Jacqueline Kennedy is one of America’s most popular First Ladies, beloved for giving a nation a sense of history, through restorative architectural and artistic projects. The period following her husband’s assassination is known as when Jackie Kennedy took charge of the government, allowing and teaching people how to grieve someone’s passing. This is accurate for the portrayal and displays a compelling performance by Natalie Portman.


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