Stargirl Season 3: Release Date, Cast & Story

What’s happening with The CW DC Comics show, Stargirl Season 3? This is a question that many fans of the series have been asking themselves for quite some time.

Is Stargirl Season 3 happening on The CW? If so, when will it be released on the network and who’s going to star in it?

These are all questions that we’re going to try and answer in this article.

Fans have been asking these sorts of questions on social media.

One of the main questions regarding Stargirl I’ve seen is, is Stargirl Season 4 happening on The CW.

Fans are still hopeful that Stargirl Season 4 will happen on The CW even though the network is cancelling many of its shows at the moment.

Is Stargirl Season 3 happening on The CW?


Credit: The CW

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The good news is that Stargirl Season 3 is happening over at The CW.

It was revealed in May 2021 that The CW had renewed the series for a third season.

They added that the season would be titled Frenemies and was scheduled to premiere on The CW in 2022.

However, they did not give a release date for Stargirl Season 3.

The show’s been getting positive reviews and fans have been desperate to see the third season of this CW series.

When will Stargirl Season 3’s release date be on The CW?

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However, there’s been very, very little information about when it would be released on the network.

It was revealed that Stargirl Season 3 wrapped production back in March of this year.

So, with that in mind, we can offer you a ‘release window’ for Stargirl Season 3 and that’s summer 2022.

So, with this in mind, we might not have to wait too long before Stargirl Season 3 starts airing on The CW.

That said, The CW could opt to push the show back a bit.

There has been some chatter online suggesting that the show could be released in June.

Strangely enough, Stargirl Season 3 is the only returning CW show with no premiere date.

We do know that Superman & Lois Season 2 will end on June 21st.

This means that Stargirl Season 3 could be released on June 28th, which would be a good time to release the series.

Who will star in Stargirl Season 3?


Credit: The CW

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The third season of Stargirl should star Brec Bassinger, Yvette Monreal, Anjelika Washinton, Cameron Gellman, Trae Romano, Jake Austin Walker, Meg DeLacy, Luke Wilson and Joel McHale.

It’s also going to guest star Ysa Penarejo as Jennie-Lynn Hayden, Stella Smith as Artemis Crock, Jonathan Cake as Richard Swift/The Shade, Alkoya Brunson as Jakeem Williams and Tim Gabriel as Todd Rice/Obsidian.

There could be some other surprises as far as Season 3’s cast is concerned.

Stargirl is executively produced by Sarah Schechter, Glen Winter, Greg Beeman, Melissa Carter, Greg Berlanti, and Geoff Johns.

The CW series is produced by Jennifer Lence, James Dale Robinson, Trish Stanard, Rob Hardy, and Joseph Zolfo.

The series’ writers include Geoff Johns, Lee Moder, Taylor Streitz, Paula Sevenbergen, James Robinson, Melissa Carter, Colleen McGuinness, Steve Harper, Robbie Hyne, Alfredo Septien, Evan Ball, and Greg Berlanti.

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  1. Media Bulldog (@MediaBulldog)

    Best show on the CW, best superhero show on TV, PERIOD. Geoff Johns and James Robinson are fine writers, and craft their stories around characters that are fully realized, three dimensional PEOPLE, not caricatures, including the bad guys. Great messages about family, honesty, integrity, sticking to your principles, and choosing not to take the easy way out. Best of all, unlike so many CW shows, there are enough lighthearted moments to keep the pacing brisk, and make it FUN! The kids on this show are fantastic, and make their characters distinct and believable. The whole cast compels you to take them seriously; Luke Wilson and Amy Smart are the parents you wish you had, Jonathan Cake is phenomenal as the Shade, the 19th Century antihero on the side of the angels, and Jim Gaffigan has been stellar as the silly, out of control Thunderbolt! Now bring back Mark Ashworth as the amnesiac Shining Knight and his steed, WInged Victory, and give Keith David the space to fully capture Mr. Bones!

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