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Sharing Your Videos Online: The 4 Services You Need

Publishing your videos online will surely give you some creative thrills, but there are some logistics to work out here also.

After all, internet use surged exponentially over the lockdown period, and just because restrictions are lifting for now, it doesn’t mean that everyone will now suddenly drop their online viewing habits in a flash. People are hooked to their devices more than ever before, so now could be a good time to start publishing some quality video content online.

Time is of the essence, so you need to hit the ground running here. The best place to begin is focusing on the supporting services that you may need to use.

Script Writers


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Your video content needs to present a coherent narrative, regardless of its subject.

These are the services that professional scriptwriters can provide, ensuring that your media is structured well and tells an engaging story. They can turn tired marketing jargon into a powerful story and may also provide captions so that those who’re hard of hearing can experience the content more fully also.

Accomplished actor and writer Emma Thompson demanded respect for film script writers in 2019, lamenting producers who rush scripts and disrespect the writers and their craft. There are valuable lessons to learn here in how to engage script writers. Try to give them the time and space they need to work their best. Negotiate deadlines before any commissions are agreed, and work from there.

Video Editors

Script writers provide structure on paper, but words are often up for interpretation and even embellishment by a production crew.

Editors can step in here and restore order to the cut of your video. They can strip back any fluff or excess and keep your media zeroed in on its central message. Collaborate with them closely, because they’re highly skilled and knowledgeable and play a hugely important role in establishing how your final cut turns out.

Additionally, editors can be creative also. They can splice video and audio together in an artistic blend that creates a more punctual statement. Their work could create emotional moments where before none existed, evolving your video in the editing room to something of better quality. Therefore, you should take their input seriously.

Broadcaster Tools

Once you’ve put all the finishing touches on your video content, you should seek a way to broadcast it in a fashion that’ll get your work seen by as many viewers as possible.

Red Bee Media provides state-of-the-art playout services for you to take full advantage of. They tap into their industry-leading expertise to create regionalised television channels at a rapid pace, boosting the speed and efficiency of your marketing initiatives in turn. They can also distribute your content globally in a timely, high-quality manner also, which means your business and your video content are both well-represented here.

Some people may share their videos on social media and hope that shares and search engine optimisation alone will propel it to a wider viewership over time. However, having a direct line to a service that can quickly put you in touch with a gargantuan audience is invaluable, and may save a lot of money and aggro.

Video Hosting Services

Slow internet can be the worst

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A video hosting service will ensure your content always has a place to be published on your site.

Not only should your video be broadcasted far and wide, but it should also have roots in your homely cyberspace too. Your web domain should reflect all your firm’s good work, so your content should have a place on their too.

For instance, it could be a good idea to publish a showreel of all your shared videos. That way, visitors to your site can see everything your about in one delightful online video portfolio. A video hosting service could make this all possible, so consult their services once you have some content to celebrate.

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