Out Of Shadows Has Been Completely Shadow Banned By YouTube


Out Of Shadows made the rounds last month on YouTube despite being ‘shadow banned’ by the online video sharing app, and now it’s official they did it.

Despite the fact that the documentary was really difficult to find on YouTube, people still managed to watch it.

It was re-uploaded to multiple channels, meaning that YouTube’s algorithm wouldn’t be able to shadow ban every single one.

This meant that over 15 million people managed to view Out Of Shadows worldwide, which is crazy.

The documentary has also been uploaded with subtitles in multiple languages.

Now, I’ve said on multiple occasions that I don’t agree with everything in this video.

However, I believe in free speech, and I don’t think YouTube, or any other social media platform should prevent something from being seen.

There are expectations, of course. I don’t think hate speech and real-life violence should be seen on these platforms.

There’s also a lot of disgusting videos on YouTube that really should be banned.

Out Of Shadows was officially shadow banned by YouTube

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That said, as far as Out Of Shadows is concerned, I really don’t think it should have been shadow banned.

But, what does the term ‘shadow banned’ actually mean?

It doesn’t mean that YouTube bans these videos. They’re still on the platform.

They just make it very difficult to find by burying it beneath other videos in their search algorithm.

That’s what they did with Out Of Shadows. If you type ‘Out Of Shadows‘ into YouTube’s search engine, you have to do a lot of scrolling before you get to the official channel.

You don’t even get to the original video.

However, you do get a bunch of re-uploads. Despite that, the original Out Of Shadows video is still the one with the most views.

This means people have been sharing the video in their millions, which is pretty impressive.

I do think we should, however, approach this video with caution, because I believe there’s a lot of unsubstantiated claims made in it.

I also question the people behind it, who I discovered to be a YouTube channel called Torch of Christ Ministries.

Specifically, a man called Philip Blair, whom I find to be rather ‘out there’ as far as his religious beliefs are concerned.

What do you make of this story?

Were you one of the millions of people to watch Out Of Shadows on YouTube?

Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Anonymous

    I had the video saved on YouTube and went to pull it up, but sure enough it was a blank slot on the thumbnail and when clicking on it to go to the channel I was met with ” This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated”

  2. Jeremy Maddux

    You approach it with caution. I don’t tremble in fear of a video with ‘dangerous’ ideas in it. That would make me a pretty weak individual to treat videos with caution. Pssh. What a joke comment.

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