Lupin Season 3 Potential Release Date, Cast, Story & Everything We Know So Far


Lupin has been one of those Netflix shows that has just got the world talking and people now want to know what’s happening with Lupin Season 3.

Well, the good news is that the third season is happening.

It was announced at the very end of Season 2 and the show’s star recently revealed that they are already writing the scripts for Lupin Season 3 as we speak.

But, before we get into all of that, let’s talk a little bit about what the show’s about and who stars in it.

What is Lupin all about?


Credit: Netflix

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So, Lupin is about a man called Assane Diop (played by the brilliant Omar Sy).

Assane is something of a con man. He could also be described as a ‘gentleman burglar’.

He models himself on the fictional French literature character, Arsène Lupin.

Lupin, who is often referred to as the ‘cambrioleur gentleman’ (gentleman burglar in English), is something of a cross between Sherlock Holmes and Robin Hood.

In the books, he only steals from the very wealthy and does have a habit of giving things to the more needy.

The books were written by Maurice LeBlanc and they’re very famous in France.

So, in the Netflix show, Lupin, as a child Assane is given the Adventures Of Arsène Lupin by his father.

His father is then framed for a robbery he didn’t commit.

His father’s boss was the one behind the robbery and did it all so that he could get the insurance money.

Assane’s father then supposedly hung himself in prison and Diop made it his life’s mission to uncover and reveal the truth.

It truly is a brilliant show and is yet another French series that has got the world talking – after Call My Agent of course.

Is Lupin Season 3 happening?


Credit: Netflix

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So, Lupin Season 2 (or Part 2) was just released on Netflix and people are now looking forward to watching Season 3.

Sy was talking to Entertainment Weekly and that’s when he opened up about Lupin Season 3.

Here’s what Omar Sy had to say about Lupin Season 3:

We’re talking about that right now. We have a lot of ideas and things that we want to do and say, but we’re still in the writing process.

The Lupin star then spoke about his new canine sidekick in the show:

Actually, J’accuse – [and I say] “she” because she’s a female – she’s a real diva. She’s really difficult on set, but we love her … I don’t want to spoil anything, but we have more coming with her.

Who will be in Season 3?

Omar Sy Netflix Assane Diop

Credit: Netflix

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The third season of the show will see all of the main cast return. However, there will also be some new additions.

This means that Omar Sy, Ludivine Sagnier, Etan Simon, Antoine Gouy, Hervé Pierre, Clotilde Hesme, Vincent Garanger, Vincent Londez, Shirine Boutella and Soufiane Guerrab should return for Season 3.

Sy teased that there will be some new characters in Season 3, which is very exciting indeed.

He said the following in the same interview with Entertainment Weekly:

When you read the books, Lupin has a lot of accomplices. But [in the show] he had the one, which is Benjamin, but he needs people, [so he] hires them. I think it’s going to be more interesting maybe one day having a big cast with a lot of people. Because the thing is, just being the mastermind, you cannot do everything by yourself, you need people. It’s also one of his skills, to bring people with him. It was really cool to play with that. I think it’s a good aspect of Lupin.

Sy then finished off by revealing what drew him to the role in the first place:

It means a lot. From a personal perspective, I wanted to have [a role that was] like a toy, which I can play with, and have fun with. And Lupin is a toy, because it’s everything. He’s charming, you have action, you have the drama, you have all of that, and also you have funny moments. For an actor it’s just perfect. You get to change your dress and your appearance all the time.

We have an entertaining program with the character, [but] at the same time we have some messages that we can send. So it’s just perfect. We’re so happy and blessed and grateful.

Could Sy be referring to Herlock Shomes (Arsène Lupin’s version of Sherlock Holmes)? Probably.

When will Season 3 be released?


Credit: Netflix

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As for Season 3’s release date, that’s actually quite a hard question to answer.

No official release date has been revealed, yet I’m pretty sure that Netflix will want it out asap.

The show’s popularity would be the main factor in Netflix’s haste in getting the third season out.

The show is still in the script phase. So it might take a little bit more time for it to be released.

I have heard a rumour that they will be making this upcoming season in two parts – like they’re doing with Money Heist and Lucifer Season 6.

This would make sense since it would increase the show’s longevity on the streaming platform.

What do you make of this feature?

Are you looking forward to watching Lupin Season 3 on Netflix?

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