Could Logan Change Comic Book Movies For Ever?

With Logan’s release only a few days away, here at Small Screen, we’re wondering whether it might end up changing the way we think about comic book movies for ever?

Everybody seems to be screaming for more R-rated comic book movies at the moment. We got our R-rated Deadpool, and now we’re about to get our first taste of Wolverine in an R-rated movie. Unfortunately, it’ll also be the last time we get to see Hugh Jackman as the beclawed mutant, but I’m thinking that he’s saved his best for last. Not only has Jackman confirmed that Logan will be his very last turn as Wolverine (which means we won’t get to see him act in a Deadpool movie alongside Ryan Reynolds), but he also revealed to Comicbook.com that this is his very favourite Wolverine movie. But could it also end up being the most important comic book movie ever made?

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Logan

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Logan

Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. And God made it last too long.

Could Logan replicate The Dark Knight’s success and be the first movie since Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece to get an Oscar nomination? The movie’s already gearing itself up to be a financial success. It’s currently expected to make $60 million in its opening weekend, which is serious money. I personally see it doing better than that, but either way, it’s going to do good business for 20th Century Fox. James Mangold and Jackman have talked at length about how they were inspired by westerns and most interestingly, Mark Millar’s brilliant graphic novel, Old Man Logan, when coming up with the script for Logan. This, along with it being Jackman’s last time playing the iconic superhero, sounds like a recipe for success.

Could that translate into success come awards season? Honestly, why not? Hollywood loves westerns, and it also happens to love Hugh Jackman, and giving him an Oscar nomination for his final portaryal as Wolverine would be the perfect sendoff. It would also be utterly deserved. Hollywood has to realise that his performances as the comic book character have meant so much to so many people. Jackman has stuck with the character through thick and thin. Even when the movies were utter rubbish, Jackman still shone as the superhero in serious need of anger management classes. That sort of loyalty, together with his perseverance and his brilliant performances, should be recognised by his peers, thus warranting him at least a nomination. At least, I think so, and so does Ryan Reynolds.

Patrick Stewart Professor X Logan

Patrick Stewart as Professor X in Logan

Logan, you still have time.

However, Logan promises to be so much more than just Jackman’s last turn as Wolverine. Judging by the trailer, the source material and the overall tone of the movie, it looks like it’ll be the first comic book movie since The Dark Knight to really be taken seriously by critics and Hollywood’s elite. James Mangold already has a proven track record when it comes to making good westerns. 3:10 to Yuma is one of the best westerns made in a while. Moreover, Wolverine is the sort of comic book character who would benefit from such a setting. I honestly see Logan as the start of something big. Even if it doesn’t get recognised by the Academy, I think it’ll start a trend of more serious, more adult comic book movies, which can only change things for the better. In a time where we’re getting the same thing from superhero movies over and over again, Logan and Deadpool will hopefully prove that they can be so much more than just big strong men (and the occasional woman) hitting one another.

Logan will be in UK cinemas on March 1st, 2017. Not long to wait now.

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