EGX 2017 Day 3 Round-Up: The Top 5 Video Games You Have to Play 2

EGX 2017 Day 3 Round-Up: The Top 5 Video Games You Have to Play

It’s our third and final day at EGX 2017. It’s all over until next year, but here’s our five favourite games from EGX 2017 Day 3.

Our final day at EGX is over, so without further ado, let’s get down to our last set of Top 5 picks from EGX 2017 Day 3.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

EGX 2017 Day 3 Round-Up: The Top 5 Video Games You Have to Play 4

We’ve got a good feeling about Star Wars Battlefront 2

There’s nothing quite like going on a twenty kill streak as Darth Maul with an army of battle droids behind you. If you thought DICE’s last Battlefront game was good, then prepare to be blown away, as this is the definitive Star Wars experience. Gone are the custom classes as we return to the class-based system of the original games, and heroes are now unlocked through earning points in game rather than chancing upon a hero pickup. Heroes also die a lot more easily, so don’t be afraid to charge at them head on with a few of your pals. Naboo looks absolutely gorgeous, and the game may well be the most polished shooter we saw at EGX. Check it out at the Star Wars stand. 

Superhot VR

EGX 2017 Day 3 Round-Up: The Top 5 Video Games You Have to Play 3

Superhot VR is… super good… (sorry)

Superhot is a game that has been out a little while now but may have slipped under your radar, so let’s rectify that. In Superhot, everybody wants to kill you, but fortunately for you time only moves when you move. Dodge bullets in true matrix-style, kill enemies with a well aimed teacup to the head, or engage them in a game of fisticuffs. The choice is truly yours, as you use your wits and environment to survive and defeat your assailants. The graphics are minimalist but don’t let that put you off – this is one of the best VR experiences out there. Go check out Superhot VR at the Playstation VR booth.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

EGX 2017 Day 3 Round-Up: The Top 5 Video Games You Have to Play 1

Middle-earth: Shadow of War looks very promising

Not willing to rest its laurels, Monolith Productions continues to innovate the Nemesis system and take it to levels we haven’t seen before. The new fortress assaults provide an exciting addition to Shadow of Mordor’s core gameplay as you rush into epic battles reminiscent of Helm’s Deep, but even more interesting is the bonds you develop with your orc lieutenants who fight alongside you. They feel more human (quite possibly the most inaccurate words ever spoken), and it’s absolutely gutting when you see one of your allies cut down. Not to worry though, because if you lose one BFF you can just get a new one by dominating an enemy captain in battle and forcing them to fight for you. Check out Shadow of War at their booth next to the huge drake (you can’t miss it).

Destiny 2

EGX 2017 Day 3 Round-Up: The Top 5 Video Games You Have to Play

Destiny 2 is everything you wanted from Destiny, and more

Destiny 2 may have launched already, but boy is it fun. While the core gameplay remains the same as the previous game, the Strikes are exhilarating to play and present a more varied approach to the co-operative missions we know and love. While you’re still going from Point A to Point B to Point C, some interesting puzzles and obstacles are thrown in your way that are interesting to navigate, making it all the more satisfying when you finally take down that tough boss. Check out Destiny 2 at the big red Destiny booth, where you can queue for a Strike or for the Crucible.

The Occupation

Our final entry for our Day 3 highlights isn’t actually a game we saw on Day 3, but we wanted to highlight it as it just missed out on our Top 5 from Day 2, and it impressed us more than the rest of the other titles we saw on or final day. The Occupation is a political first person simulation from White Paper Games, wherein you play a journalist who is investigating an organisation in the wake of the controversial Union Act which threatens the civil liberties of the British populace. The game takes place in real-time, and even if you do nothing, events will play out in some way or another. Will you uncover the truth, or will you let events run their course? Go check out this intriguing indie in the Rezzed section.

While our highlights from EGX (make sure you check out our top 5 video game picks from Day 1 and Day 2 at EGX) may be done, we have a wealth of gaming-related content to deliver to you over the next fortnight, so be sure to give our social media pages a follow to keep updated on the latest gaming news and interviews from Small Screen. Thanks for reading!

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